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Step Experiments Using Serious Games for Education

Various practical online experiments.

The second step of this laboratory is entitled “Experiments Using Serious Games for Education” and will take place on Tuesday, October 8 from 9:00am to 10:30am (Quebec, Local time; Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) ; UTC/GMT-04).

Invitation to the second meeting

Overview of four Serious Games

This second step will be the opportunity to explore Serious Games from the learner standpoint with:

My Personal GPS, enables students to take a journey along their chosen pathway(s) to learn more about themselves by considering their strengths, their skills, their interests, and their learning skills and work habits. This game based interactive digital learning resource is part of the Ontario’s Careers course for grade 10 students.

This simulation software teaches the democratic and political processes behind an election campaign.

As they play the role of a party leader, students learn the rules of the electoral game. The pedagogical objective is to teach the notions of ideology, a political system and a voting system in order for students to grasp the issues at stake in an election campaign.

This simulation game becomes a fascinating laboratory for teaching basic political science concepts, and its engaging gameplay requires students to take positions on the fundamental themes of a campaign and to actively develop a winning electoral strategy. The simplicity and realism of the simulation undeniably vouch for its didactic potential. A variety of tools for analyzing the political situation and the progression of the campaign bring the acquisition of a dynamic and complex perspective to this reality.

Welcome to the Island of GENOMIA, the tiny world of genomics. Genomics is a branch of modern science that studies organisms in terms of the genome rather than just a single gene. GENOMIA is an island in the vast world of GAME FOR SCIENCE. It is populated with garden gnomes, who happen to be experts in genomics. Like in all virtual worlds, you can chat with your friends. You’ll also find quests, games and information on genomics.

In order to explore this game with us during the activity, join the Genomia Island, click on the “Play” button then “Register” in order to create your avatar. Finally click on “Next” button.

World of Classcraft was created by Shawn Young, a grade 11 physics teacher at a high school in Sherbrooke, Quebec, with the help of his willing students. Shawn has a  bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in education. The subject of his thesis was the use of online platforms in high school education for the creation of a learning community. He has worked on numerous gamification research projects for the University of Sherbrooke and University of Lyon (Climaction, JPAEL). He has been teaching physics for 7 years. Shawn also teaches university classes to future teachers, at the University of Sherbrooke.

Moreover, he is a web developer and founder of a web development company, The Flux. He has worked on numerous web projects, including large databases, corporate websites, web applications and mobile applications. Clients include Chanel, Dubspot and Integrative Nutrition.

Shawn is a veteran gamer himself and, as such, is interested in all sorts of games, both digital and tabletop. His teaching approach is mainly project-based and he has long been interested in collaboration amongst students, creating online platforms so they can work together outside the classroom.


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