April 7, 2009

29th Annual AQPC Symposium: Toward Learning That Lasts

The program for the 29th annual symposium of the AQPC is now public! Available on-line at the AQPC site, a hard copy edition is being distributed in educational institutions. The program lists 118 activities among which several discuss recent developments in the field of information and communication technology. There is a section called the 29th AQPC Symposium in English which illustrates the wealth of activities in English happening at the symposium this year.

The theme of the symposium, ‘Toward Learning That Lasts’, will focus on teaching methods that promote in-depth learning. Keynote speakers will address different aspects of the theme in greater detail:

  • Georges Leroux of UQAM will open discussing the balance to establish between general courses and discipline-specific training;
  • Jean Proulx of Cégep de Trois-Rivières will examine the question of learning evaluation in group activities;
  • Christopher Knapper of Queen’s University will discuss the characteristics of effective teaching. This speech will be delivered in English;
  • Gilles Breton of the University of Ottawa and Christa Olson of the American Council of Education will discuss the internationalization of training programs;
  • Nathaniel Lasry of John-Abbott College will discuss leadership technique; and
  • Aline Germain-Rutherford of the University of Ottawa will close the symposium with research results about student engagement in their own educational process.

The organizing committee for this 29th AQPC symposium wanted to ensure that there was at least one English activity offered for each time slot and that other activities offered in French were enriched by providing bilingual documentation. It goes without saying that our Anglophone colleagues are invited to take advantage of all symposium activities. However, those looking for English activities will be able to find at least one for each time slot.

A special place has been made in the program of the symposium for eight Rendez-vous. As we did last year, there will be aRendez-vous for pedagogical counsellors as well as another for graduates and students of the Master Teacher Program and other Performa programs where current research wil be presented. These activities will be in French. Other sessions will deal with the following subjects:

  • The Internationalisation of Training
  • Environmental Education
  • Student Commitment to Education
  • The Role of the Pedagogical Counsellor in Continuing Education
  • The Profession of Student
  • The Effect of the Reforms in Secondary Education on College Programs

Of course, a large portion of the event will be devoted to using information and communication technology in education. For example, there will be a look at the IT profiles of teachers, using freeware and shareware, podcasts, using Facebook for academic purposes, using a wiki in class and new products and services from CCDMD, from Cégep à distance, from DECclic and resources available to students at InukTIC.

Banner of the 29th AQPC Symposium

In all, there are more than thirty activities dealing with technology in education presented during the three days of the symposium. The list includes many workshops in English.

If you find the description of these activties of interest, the website of the AQPC has ongoing information. The deadline for reduced registration is May 1.

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