April 27, 2010

A Rich Harvest at CCDMD

As the academic year comes to a close, the CCDMD is proud to present the fruits of another year of hard work, another rich harvest of digital educational resources.

Take a look at this lineup which will open a whole world of exciting learning opportunities to use with your students.

Netquiz Pro 4 – Formative Edition

Interface of Netquiz Pro 4

Here’s a totally new take on one of CCDMD’s most popular programs. Netquiz Pro. Designed for people who want to construct quick formative exercises, this improved version contains a number of new features that will be highly appreciated such as a new type of question ‘classification‘ that joins the 11 types in the old version.

Compatible with all browsers and sporting a new online interface, the new version can be downloaded free from the CCDMD site. An English version should be available before summer.

World of Images – with enhanced video feature

Interface of the website The World of Images

Even if World of Images has been a fixture at CCDMD for many years, this venerable repository has become an invaluable source of images to use with leading edge Web 2.0 functions such as sharing media, adding comments and embedding videos. This immense bank of material meets the growing need to use copyright-free illustrations, photographs and videos for the creation of quality academic materials. To date, more than 31,000 media files are available on the site.

Resistance Training

Interface of the software Resistance training

Designed to facilitate the creation of individualized fitness training programs, Resistance Training software is now available in a new improved and corrected edition that is offered in both English and in French. All Quebec college students can now get in shape!

Sonic Truths: Popular Music and Knowledge

The DVD Sonic Truths: Popular Music and Knowledge explores the role of music in the popular culture of North American society during the last 50 years. An easy-to-use database of more than 500 multimedia files (activities, texts, biographies, images, recordings and videos) can be used in numerous learning activities.

Foundations of Effective Tutoring

Foundations of Effective Tutoring is a tutor training program developed as a reference for peer tutors and their trainers. Materials on the site include learning guides, videos and activity guides. The information is thematically organized and deals with student-centered issues such as active listening, learning styles, enabling borderline students to take charge of their own learning and more.

The eTCALS: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

Interface of eTCALS

The CCDMD is in the final stages of the new adaptive English-as-a-Second-Language placement test which will use a constantly expanding bank of questions. Fine tuning simulations will be going on over the next few months, and the eTCALS will be available as of autumn.


Interface of Kepler

An updated version of the software Kepler, to be available in French and in English, is currently under development in partnership with Cegep@distance.This software simulates an astronomical observatory and allows the virtual telescope to be equipped with various accessories such as a chronometer, micrometer, photometer and a spectrograph.The student or amateur astronomer will be able to relive great astronomical discoveries from Antiquity to the present and experience the use of scientific method. Barring unforseen difficulties, a summer release date is planned.


Interface of Spirex

Spirex is a program designed to help students of organic chemistry interpret infrared spectrum emissions in order to identify the characteristics of an organic compound. It has an interactive method to interpret absorption patterns through a chain of logic that is inherent to this kind of analysis. It is currently available online in French.

So this is our harvest! We hope that you can partake of our IT integration abundance to nourish your students’ success!

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