June 1, 2010

A Voyage of 5 Incredible Years

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

February 2005 – Profweb comes into the picture. August 2006 – The English edition starts and in December 2006, Norm Spatz joins the Profweb team!

March 2010 – At least 10,639 different Profweb visitors set an all time record. June 2010 – Nearly 250 authors can take credit for 238 columns, 212 stories and 20 reports published in Profweb.

Honour Role

Walloon countryside 1 © Ève-Lucie Bourque, World of Images, CCDMD.

Beyond these facts, the persistence, tenacity and devotion of certain people has molded Profweb into a valuable tool for any teacher who is inspired by IT integration into their professional life.  Their contributions are important to mention.

Jocelyne, whose idea to make a server available to teachers and also to create a single portal to access the products and services of the IT partners among others, first comes to mind. Another name is Réjean, whose flash of inspiration resulted in the the perfect name for Jocelyne’s concept – Profweb!

Joé and Jean-Philippe turned us on to the world of free software to initially bring Profweb on line and to continue to deliver impeccable technical service. We would like to think that the development of Profweb contributed in some small way to the development of Sys-Tech.

Resourceful and ever curious, Jonathan delivered the dependable and methodical technical support that is the strength of our Personal Space. We believed in him and feel an almost parental pride in our small role in his decision to complete his education. The need to give enthusiastic youth an opportunity to flourish is a natural outgrowth of working in the field of education!

Nicole, Skype name nicoquette, is the Profweb comments champion! The pertinence, incisiveness and regularity of her comments is surely worthy of mention.

And all the organizations and associations that are our IT Partners who believed that Profweb would be a real asset for the promotion of their products and services! Profweb would not be the same without their news, scenarios, resources and professional development activities.

The passion of the Profweb team of Denis, Françoise, Norm and now Émilie for the art of teaching and its practitioners goes beyond their fascination with technology. It keeps Profweb true to its mission, pertinent and accessible to all.

Long Live Profweb!

This last year has been Profweb’s most challenging since 2005, yet possibly its most productive. Among the challenges was the relocation of Profweb’s offices and entire management infrastructure following an agreement signed between MELS and a specific college.  The evaluation of Profweb, originally scheduled by MELS for 2008-2009 started in January of 2010. It goes without saying that this process required a significant effort on the part of the Profweb administration. We are looking forward to the results to help us in Profweb’s strategic planning for 2010-2015.

Two major technical projects were also completed – the automation of our copyright release procedure and a major redo of Profweb’s online interface. We are becoming Profweb technical experts!

Beside these issues, there are our co-workers who share the same visions and ideals and who over time have become more important than the work itself. Their teamwork brings energy and ideas to the table. This year, the Profweb team mourned the loss of Françoise who announced her departure last January. How could we soldier on without a member of our original team!

Sunflowers © Jean-Pierre Goulet, World of Images, CCDMD.

Luckily, the network overflows with incredible talent looking to lend a hand to Profweb. With the arrival of Émilie in March, a fresh wind of poetic energy blew onto our pages. Her recent stories in French have attracted many comments, an average of two per story as opposed to our average rate of 1.7, which is an indication of the pertinence of this material for Profweb’s readers.

To add to our troubles, health issues have unexpectedly made their appearance. Yet again, the strength of our team has come to save the situation! Denis, who was semi retired, was suddenly parachuted into a full time position taking care of administration and site maintenance as well as team coordination. What selflessness and devotion on the part of Denis!

Necessity has led us to rapidly seek a replacement. Profweb will shortly be posting an employment opportunity. In the meantime, you can express your interest in working with us by e-mail or by speaking to any member of our team.

Although this has been a year of challenges, there is much to celebrate, not the least of which is Profweb’s fifth birthday! The party begins at 5PM on June 2 at the AQPC Symposium. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you there!

Have a great vacation!

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