May 25, 2022

The Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) helps make your life, and the back-to-school season, a little easier!

Through your ideas, projects and work as teachers within the college network, we develop a wide range of educational resources to make both your job and your students’ learning easier. This year, several new resources, namely websites, CD-ROMs, downloadable software, DVDs, PDF documents and manuals, are once again available to you. Short French and English demonstrations of the following software are also just a click away: PerformerCrisscross WordsNetquiz ProResearch and Social Sciences…the course!, and Secra.

Currently, 81 public, private, French and English college institutions, including campuses, sub-centres and even francophone colleges located outside Québec, are members of the CCDMD. This enables them to access any new product as soon as it hits the market, with several copies sent to any relevant department, including IT services for licensing purposes. Copies of guidebooks edited by the CCDMD are also sent to those departments.

Kits are also available to new teachers; simply check with your IT representative to see if he or she has sent the request to the CCDMD. We also send a copy of The Internet Directory for English Language Improvement. Furthermore, we can schedule to meet with you during professional development days to present CCDMD resources.

About 40 new bilingual products and updates were published in 2007-2008. Please consult the New Products section of our website [ ]. Make sure to pay special attention to the ECO software, an exceptional pronunciation training tool! Try it out here (Shockwave needed):

Example of the ECO software

After numerous consultations, the Centre will implement a new strategic plan this year to perfect its processes and achievements. The CCDMD produces educational materials for students in a wide variety of courses and programs, as well as documents specifically aimed at French and English improvement. Be on the lookout for Call for project 2009 (online publication planned for mid-November 2008) so that we can keep working together to develop more excellent products!

Let the learning begin!

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