November 4, 2016

Call for Articles for a Thematic Report to Appear in the Journal Pédagogie collégiale in Spring 2017

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

It’s difficult to not be interested in the evaluation of learning. As Stéphanie Carle, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Pédagogie collégiale, explains “this process influences the entire learning sequence”.

As a teacher, the question is undeniably asked: what do my students have to master by the end of:

  • My course
  • A series of courses
  • The program

What is the desired level of proficiency, the methods by which to certify it and what are the issues related to these methods?

For Inspiration

This theme sparks interest, as several articles have recently been published on Profweb taking on this subject from various angles.

To Share

You have deeply thought about this theme and more precisely about evaluations in the context of distance learning or perhaps about the use of ICTs for evaluation, or for corrections. The Profweb team invites you to propose articles related to this thematic report to appear in spring 2017.

To submit your article to the Journal Pédagogie collégiale

Deadline: Thursday January 5, 2017

To read the announcement published by the Journal Pédagogie collégialeÉvaluer les apprentissages – Appel d’articles pour un dossier thématique à paraitre dans Pédagogie collégiale au printemps 2017”. Available in French only.

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