January 9, 2007

Call for Papers for the 27th  Annual AQPC Colloquium

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

The 2007 colloquium highlights the pedagogically innovative approach that our collegiate network has had since its creation. This flair for the avant-garde has been expressed in many ways including the integration of IT into our teaching.

Year after year, the AQPC colloquium has been a showcase for dozens of papers on IT. Last year thirty papers dealt with IT issues.

This year’s meeting promises once again to be an important opportunity to learn about developments at the forefront of the integration of IT into collegiate teaching as well as other innovative measures happening throughout our network.

Submissions from all interested parties are welcome. Papers can be in English or in French and can come not only from Quebec but from elsewhere. A project description should be sent before January 26, 2007 by post, fax or on line at the AQPC site.

Benoit Bolduc, directeur général general director of the AQPC
Colloquium AQPC 2007

Telephone: 819 371-9277 / Fax: 819 371-1265

A message from the animaweb anglophone de Profweb: The colloquium promises to be one of those events that pushes the limits of your French. The website’s English Call for Papers was not translated at the time this column went to press. The text has a vision, however, talking about the long term structural bias in collegiate culture towards innovation.

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