November 8, 2016

Call for Papers for the AQPC’s 37th Annual Symposium: Our Legacy

A legacy can either be something we receive or something that we leave behind for those that will follow in our footsteps. These 2 meanings were infused within the process of creating the call for papers for the AQPC’s 37th Annual Symposium, which will be taking place from June 6th to 8th in Montreal.

The Cégep de Saint-Laurent and Vanier College, who are the host colleges, wish to use this theme to highlight the history of their respective establishments while also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the college network and the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal.

The call for papers published by the AQPC highlights the legacy that is incarnated and enriched by the current artisans of the college network for the benefit of their students and colleagues. It reminds us that everyone within their discipline, their profession and their establishment helps students to access a common culture, acquire knowledge and develop competencies that combine to form a legacy that is typically Québecois but universal at the same time. In this way, each of us contributes to the creation of a new legacy by sharing our accomplishments with our colleagues.

The next AQPC Symposium will be an opportunity to explore the most promising pedagogical practices, the most inspiring research findings, innovations or experiences that are likely to spark the motivation of students and increase their likelihood of success, the new strategies, the new activities and the new technologies that will enrich the legacy of the colleges.

In 50 years, the college network has participated in changing Quebec society. The colleges have contributed to the the training of the majority of our administrators. They have brought together students of many origins and each of the social classes, they’ve welcomed first generation students… and their children. They have, above all, been the site of pedagogical, social and economic innovation. The AQPC is inviting us to take advantage of this Symposium to reflect on our colleges’ rich contributions to pedagogical innovation, cultural leadership, and socio-economic development as well as their impact on the training of our students.

The pedagogical vision that was proposed in the Rapport Parent placed the learner at the heart of teaching. A vision of this kind imposed certain challenges, most notably related to the professional integration of new teachers. How do we continue to watch over the vitality of this vision today? How do we ensure the intergenerational transfer of the culture and the expertise that has been developed?

The AQPC wishes to share the quality of the pedagogy of higher education with all those who are interested, and highlight the audacity and desire to innovate – the foundation on which our establishments were built. The Association is inviting all partners, researchers and practitioners to be inspired by the visionary spirit of the Quiet Revolution, to reflect on the way we teach our students in order to prepare them for tomorrow and for anywhere, beginning with the legacy we have built here.

The Symposium’s steering committee would like to receive presentation proposals from each college as well as universities and schools from across Quebec. We are also inviting partners from associate educational networks in Quebec, the rest of Canada and from abroad to share their experiences and reflections on these questions or any other topics of interest to higher education.

For those who are interested in submitting a paper, you may do so by January 13th, 2017 by using the AQPC’s On-line registration module (in French).

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