January 9, 2015

Call for speakers for the ACPQ’s 2015 Pedagogical Workshops

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A thousand and one learning environments for innovation

The Association des collèges privés du Québec will be holding the 38th edition of its Ateliers pédagogiques (Pedagogical workshops) at the Manoir du Lac Delage on May 28th and 29th of 2015. This year’s theme is A thousand and one learning environments for innovation.

In anticipation of this meeting, the Association has launched a Call for speakers, extending the invitation to the pedagogical communities of Quebec, Canada and abroad to come and present their project achievements. Interested parties can submit a presentation proposal between now and February 15th by filling in the on-line form at:

The organizing committee wishes to use this meeting to explore transforming colleges and classes: flipped classroom, project-based learning, authentic learning experiences, differentiated education, group work and the use of technology for teaching and learning. More and more, we are building active or interactive classes and offering a wider range of places and modes of training: labs, gyms, work placements, practical training, work-study programs, individualized or collective e-learning, blended learning, student-sharing, bridges between educational institutions (passarelles), etc. What are the most inspiring examples in these areas? How do they affect the role of the teacher and that of the student? What are the tools that teachers need within these contexts?

Colleges are also getting involved in holding expositions, organizing study trips abroad, holding contests or organizing community activities as well as thematic weeks to raise awareness. What are the winning conditions that allow for the most efficient learning by students during these activities? How do we cater to the demand of students wishing to complete a portion of their studies in another college, or abroad? And how do we adapt to the needs of students who are arriving on our shores? What benefits are linked to internationalisation of training?

Similarly, training needs are becoming increasingly diverse in Continuing Education: short programs, intensive programs, customized training, lifelong learning, credited or non-credited, etc. How do educational establishments respond to these needs?

ACPQ’s 2015 edition of the Ateliers pédagogiques is an opportunity to share our practices, our research findings and our reflections on these innovations, and the challenges linked to the multiplication of learning environments available to students, teachers and the entire college staff.

The organizing committee would like to receive proposals from teachers, managers and researchers from Quebec and elsewhere that will allow further study of these questions or any other question of interest to Higher Education and private colleges.

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