September 5, 2007

CCDMD Unveils a Dynamic New Site Filled with Academic Innovaton!

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

CCDMD is pleased to invite you to visit their completely revamped site. More user friendly due to its discipline based format and fully bilingual, the site should be your first stop for teaching support or to submit a project to CCDMD for the 2008-2009 academic year. On the French side of the site, there’s been a lot of work done on the French language improvement section including on-line exercises. The English site features a Learning Centre section which is filled with innovative on-line exercises as well as aids to improve English Language skills.

  • Valérie Paterson begins her second year with Véronica Gill in the English-Language Division continuing CCDMD’s committment to respond to the needs of its English clientele.
  • Lucie Libersan has come on board for French-language improvement.
  • Émilie Plante has joined the limited enrolment manuals production team.

Everyone at CCDMD is listed on-line under the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

The distribution of The Internet Directory for English Language Improvement in all departments of English colleges as well as the ESL departments in the French schools has been a major event which began this spring.

This year there are a lot of new materials to discover on the site!

A new version of the program Research and Social Sciences… the course! is now available on DVD ROM. Designed to be used as a classroom tool or for independent study, this software has been sent to the IT Representative of all member colleges of the CCDMD network as well as department heads in the Social Sciences. There is a French version as well. Students who are required to purchase the software as part of their course materials can obtain it for the modest sum of $5.00 at their college bookstore.

In English, CCDMD released the book, Vox Method:Training the voice by W. Steven Lecky of Dawson College last May.

Other new items of interest in French include the following:

These titles are available from Chenelière Éducation at

CCDMD wishes you a most pleasant return to classes.

A note from the Animaweb Team:

For those of you who have not yet discovered the CCDMD, their website gives the following description of the organization:

The Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) is subsidized by Québec’s Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport and is managed by the Collège de Maisonneuve. The CCDMD produces printed, digital and online materials for teaching staff and students throughout the Québec college system. Its mandate is both to ensure that students in the system have access to quality educational materials in both French and English, and to contribute to the development of these materials at the various stages of production.

The CCDMD produces materials for a wide range of courses and programs for students as well as specific materials aimed at improving English and French language skills.

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