September 15, 2009

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

Based on interests expressed by people from around the college network, APOP updates its continuing educational activities annually. This review also takes into account current trends such as the emergence of new free-access tools in the public domain and new trends in academic software. More locally, a hot topic this year is the ongoing implementation of IT Exit Profiles in colleges, which has been an important consideration in choosing resources that conform to these policies for users as well as for institutions.

APOP’s completely reworked catalog of activities for 2009-2010 has taken our members’ changing needs into account and will be out in October. Topics include the emergence of new forms of multimedia communication and the potential of web publishing as well as other topics suggested by participants and contributors at past events. Among the exciting new topics are digital identity, mobile learning, academic games, online publishing, social media as a learning environment, Google Earth, ITC ethics, the Web 2 toolbox, and online collaboration.

APOP’s completely reworked catalog of activities for 2009-2010 has taken our members’ changing needs into account and will be out in October.

ur growing cooperation with organizations dedicated to IT integration such as ARC, La Vitrine Technologie-Éducation and the CCDMD has enriched our selection of learning objects and the  expertise with IT academic practices that we can draw upon. We are proud to offer activities as part of this team helping our public to master Information Technology. Obviously, certain subjects have been removed and certain technology has been declared definitively obsolete to make way for these exciting new activities and the current selection is subject to change as ongoing technological obsolescence takes its toll.

The very popular luncheon mini-courses are back and will deal with timely subjects of professional interest such as the current difficulties related to IT in teaching and learning. More than 200 participants took advantage of these sessions last year and profited from the dynamic discussions, exchanges and presentations as well as our online conviviality!

The new feature APOP_411 (limited to the staff of organizations who subscribe to the Fonds collectif de perfectionnement TIC of APOP which is an annual fixed sum payment for services) with its Références and Diffusion (Broadcasting) sections is the newest addition to our basket of services. The 411 service will allow users to rapidly find and consult with other users with similar interests and needs.

Our growing cooperation with organizations dedicated to IT integration has enriched our selection of learning objects and the expertise with IT academic practices that we can draw upon.

Do you want to send a query to teachers in your discipline in the network to find out what shareware is the best choice for your particular needs? Do you need advice on what to avoid when using a particular technology? Would you like to contact other teachers in your program who have already worked with video capture resources available on the web?

APOP_411 Diffusion allows you to contact numerous teachers who will share their expertise and their points of view with you to then be broadcast more widely on the Liste_APOP with 13,000 people registered.

Your IT Rep is without a doubt your first person to contact for IT expertise and support in researching answers on your own. A second source, however, is a click away at no cost. Why not try APOP_411’s tech support on Skype (APOP.411), e-mail ( or phone (418-688-8310 poste 4411)? The members of the APOP management team will respond rapidly to help you ‘get on’ with your IT activities. You can also send out a general call for information to the Liste_APOP to get the answers you need!

So, these are our main objectives for the upcoming year! We want to ensure personalized service in real time in order to avoid certain pitfalls associated with IT procedures, strategies and scenarios in your teaching activities.

We know that we have high expectations! We are looking to reduce the irritants of using IT as well as fostering the development of teachers’ IT skills in the college network. I would like to send a special invitation out to anglophone members of the network! We are counting on our anglophone members to make these services possible in both languages. We hope that you will be among those who answer our call.

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