November 16, 2015

Competency, Culture and Citizenship. Call for Presentations for the 36th AQPC Symposium

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Are you implementing new methods of teaching and learning or experimenting with new tools (technological or otherwise) in order to help students to acquire their competencies? Are you designing activities to develop the discernment of your students or foster their participation as active members of society? Are you leading a research project or taking action to ensure the education of the ‘whole person’ within your program of studies, in your courses or as part of the services that you are providing to students? Are you seeking to understand the importance of physical attendance of students in a digital world, as much for their studies as for their citizenship? If so, we would like to hear from you at the 36th Annual Symposium of the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC).

Under the banner of Competency, Culture and Citizenship, this symposium will dive right into the heart of the mission of our colleges and examine their accomplishments and their impact on the lives of both individuals and communities. This theme reminds us that the mission of colleges not only includes the responsibility to help students to acquire new competencies, but also to propel them towards the societal ideal of being a cultivated and creative spirit, a free and responsible human being, and a conscientious adult that takes care of their health and their environment, while also participating as an active member of society. This mission rallies all members of the college staff, whether they be from the Day Division or Continuing Education, in the classroom, supervising students, organizing student services or in direct support of the students.

With its broad scope, this mission entreats the colleges to align their actions with those of numerous partners. We hope that this symposium will be an opportunity to learn more about the college network’s most fruitful alignments with schools, universities, and communities as well as demonstrating how student training can benefit from the expertise of professional milieus, and local or international organizations.

The AQPC is inviting pedagogues to come and share the result of their work and their reflections on how the educational professions are evolving as the learning landscape becomes more complex, with colleges offering different means for students to attend, and technologies that are multiplying the opportunities to learn, but also increasing the risk of entanglement.

The steering committee would like to receive a presentation proposal from all of the colleges as well as proposals from Quebec universities and schools. They are also inviting partners from other networks that have ties to education in Quebec, and elsewhere, to share their experiences and reflections in line with the theme of the symposium and that are of interest to higher education.

The steering committee expects to receive a large number of proposals once again this year. It is usually able to approve about half of these for the symposium. Take your first step towards submitting a proposal today by visiting the call for presentations web site.

You have until January 15th 2016 to submit your presentation proposal. The Cégep Garneau will be the conference’s host college, with the event taking place at the Centre de congrès de Québec, from June 8th to 10th, 2016.

We look forward to reading your proposal!

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