May 19, 2015

News from the Coordinator

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we have put together our new Editorial Committee, whose first meeting will be taking place this Wednesday, February the 11th. Under the Coordinator’s authority, the Editorial Committee’s mandate is to submit briefs and provide suggestions with regards to Profweb’s editorial orientations, its format and the content of the site (Real Life Stories, Reports and Representation) as well as to discuss the diverse subjects that affect the evolution of Profweb.

Here is a brief presentation of each of the Committee members:

  • Michelle Deschênes has been teaching in the Web Integration program at the college level for more than seven years. She currently teaches at Collège O’Sullivan. Michelle divides her time between teaching, research and web development. She holds a Masters in Educational Technology, she is also affiliated with Itéractive, a consulting firm working in the pedagogical integration of technology.

  • Bruno Lemieux, a dynamic Education Advisor who works in the Office of the Academic Dean (Direction des études) at Collège Mérici, is also the IT-Representative (REPTIC) for his organization. He holds a Masters in Didactics. The Profweb team recently presented to roughly forty professors at a Pedagogical Day workshop organized by Bruno.

  • Paul Turcotte is a Teacher from the Philosophy department at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, a post he has held since 2007. He also teaches in the Creative and Applied Arts Program. The teaching of philosophy, at the heart of General Education at the college level, challenges me as much with the variability of student profiles as the need to incessantly question the best pedagogy for this bi-millennial discipline. The Media Criticism course given within Creative and Applied Arts program incites me to reflect on new media, social networks and others that have an impact on our contemporary world. [Translation]

    It’s for these reasons that I have been interested for many years in finding the best way to integrate new technologies, especially online tools, into college-level teaching.

  • Marie-Andrée

    For almost 10 years, Jean-Luc Trussart has been accompanying teachers and learning institutions in the adoption of a wide range of pedagogical practices and the coherent integration of digital tools. Throughout this journey, he has always sought to inject his creativity to propose and implement coherent, effective and efficient solutions, while mobilizing the key actors within the organization. Since 2010, Jean-Luc
    has been working as a Learning Technology Advisor at Cégep régional de Lanaudière towards the
    implementation of programs, the adoption of pedagogical practices that promote
    student success and the integration of digital tools.

  • Andréanne Turgeon joined the Profweb team in November of 2014. She holds a Masters in History and worked for several years as a teaching assistant for university-level courses, both in-person and for distance education, which introduced her to the world of Education Technology. At Profweb, Andréanne makes use of her research and writing skills. She has more recently started handling public relations and represents Profweb at college network partner activities and at various events.

  • Ryan W. Moon is the most recently appointed member of the Profweb team. He is the Editor for the English college network. He has also been the Program Manager – English Language Services (Education Advisor) at Cégep à distance since 2006. A significant part of his work there is devoted to cooperation with the English CEGEPs. Prior to this, Ryan worked in the private sector in Montreal and Toronto (Custom training solutions and e-Learning). He has also been a member of the IT-Representatives Network (Réseau des répondantes et répondants TICs).

  • Kevin Lenton is a Physics Teacher that has been at Vanier College for the last nine years. For the last 5 years, he has been organizing pedagogical activities in active learning classrooms. Thanks to a PAREA grant, he works in collaboration with Teachers from other colleges to improve the integration of technology into the classroom. His research team studies how students are using the technology. He is also active as a member of the executive committee of SALTISE, an organization that promotes new pedagogies in the classroom in Science programs. And of course, he is an occasional Profweb contributor!

  • Charles Lapointe has been working at the college level for 15 years as a Teacher of English as a Second Language. Ever since he started teaching, he has taken interest in the use of technology to bring more dynamism to his classes and facilitate the learning of Shakespeare’s language. Over the years, he participated to the implementation of two language labs in different colleges in which he worked. He is always on the outlook for new numeric tools to help his students in their English learning, while sharing his latest findings with his colleagues.

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