March 29, 2017

Our Heritage: AQPC’s 37th Annual Symposium

The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the CEGEPs. Even if the AQPC Symposium is highlighting this anniversary by taking a look at the accomplishments of the network, it is primarily focused on the present and the future – promoting recent innovations, current approaches that are being tested and examining the results of research that is being conducted within the colleges. In this way, Symposium attendees can explore the heritage that is being built day after day in the college network, and be inspired by it in order to enrich their own educational practice.

All in all, there are 128 keynotes and presentations related to pedagogical methods, student success, evaluation of learning, the use of technology and many other subjects that form the basis for these 3 days of introspection. You can get a good idea of the breadth and depth of the conference by looking at the Summary table for the event that is found in the middle of the Symposium program booklet. The Profweb readership will be interested to read that no less than 25 presentations are specifically linked to the use of technology in the college network.

The Honorary President for this year’s Symposium, Mr. Guy Rocher, also agreed to lead the opening keynote presentation for the conference, which is entitled How to Explain the Surprising Success of the Quebec College Network and What Should Come Next? (Comment s’expliquer l’étonnante réussite du collégial québécois et quelle devra être la suite?).

Other keynote presentations will allow you to hear:

  • Lise Bastien: Les étudiants des Premières Nations au sein du réseau collégial (First Nations Students Within the College Network)
  • Julia Christensen-Hughes : Teaching and Learning in a Time of Disruption
  • Ollivier Dyens: Bouleverser l’éducation au 21e siècle: repenser l’humain par l’éducation des machines (Disrupting Education in the 21st Century: Rethinking Humans Through Machine-Learning)
  • Patrick Pelletier: L’apprentissage hybride en enseignement supérieur: du concept à la pratique (Blended Learning in Higher Education: From Concept to Application)
  • Ann-Louise Davidson: Développer des compétences à partir de situations problèmes (Developing Competencies Using Situational Problems)

Finally, for the closing plenary, the AQPC asked Hélène Allaire, Cégep Marie-Victorin’s retired Academic Dean, Andréanne St-Gelais, Secretary General of the Fédération des associations étudiantes du campus de l’Université de Montréal and Michel Venne, Founder and Counsellor to the Director General of the Institut du Nouveau Monde to engage in a prospective exercise with the theme What Would the Parent Report 2.0 Say?

All of these presentations will take place between Tuesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 8th, 2017 at Concordia University in Downtown Montreal.

Even if the AQPC is primarily an opportunity to share expertise, it’s also a time to celebrate this expertise. Along these lines, all of the attendees are invited to attend the awards ceremony where AQPC will be conferring honorable mentions, and the annual banquet, which will take place at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montréal’s convention centre.

The AQPC is also inviting attendees to take advantage of a number of social activities that were developed by the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and Vanier College, the host colleges for this year’s Symposium. These activities are a great opportunity to explore the city of Montreal, which will be particularly festive during its 375th anniversary celebration.

Several Presentations Offered in English or with Simultaneous Translation

The AQPC will be offering a simultaneous translation service from French to English and from English to French during several keynote speeches, including the opening and closing plenaries.

In addition, 14 presentations will be held in English. You will find the list in the Summary Program.

Visit Now and Register… Soon!

You may now view the content of the symposium program on the APQC’s website (with a full program in French in PDF format, or directly in the on-line conference registration module). The on-line conference registration module is now available. A printed copy of the program will be delivered to colleges in early April 2017. You can now start creating your personal schedule and reserve June 6th to 8th in your agenda.

For additional information on the Symposium and lodging options you can visit the AQPC’s web site.

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