February 23, 2016

PD Day at LaSalle College: Sharing Ideas and Collaborating!

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

College LaSalle will be hosting a PD day on February 25th, 2016. At the end of the fall semester of 2015, I had the opportunity to discuss with Julie Anne Roy, the Educational Support Coordinator who has been organizing the event. An impressive array of professional resources from LaSalle College, as well as other educational establishments and organizations will be in attendance for this event, which is an excellent example of the synergy that exists in the college network. Many ministerial ICT partners will be presenting workshops during this event.

This semester’s edition will offer a selection of 10 workshops on various topics, including a morning whose theme is preventing plagiarism.

Sessions in French (or bilingual sessions):

  • Electronic Plagiarism : Definition, Prevention and Detection (Nicole Perreault, Community Leader, Réseau des REPTICs, Fédération des cégeps)
  • Citing and Keeping Track of Sources (Philippe Lavigueur, Collège Montmorency)
  • Rethinking Summative Evaluation : Research and Brainstorming (Kate Lecours and Valerie Tremblay, Arts and Letters Teachers, LaSalle College)
  • Anxiety and Self-deprecation: Obstacles to Success (Isabelle de Sève and Catherine Beaulieu, Education Advisor and Teacher, Cégep Saint-Laurent)
  • Using Shinrin Yoku (Bernadette Rey, Teacher, Fashion Design)
  • Video Selfies – A Pedagogical Tool for Students and Teachers (Charles Laporte, Teacher, LaSalle College), which was previously featured in a Real Life Story on Profweb

In English:

  • Encouraging Blended Learning with Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (Ryan Moon, Education Advisor, Cégep à distance and Alexandre Enkerli, Vitrine technologie-éducation)
  • Cite IT! A Tutorial on How to Cite Sources Correctly (Paulette Cake, Project Manager, CCDMD)
  • Meeting the Needs of Our Special Needs Students in the Classroom (Jessica Schwarz, Teacher, LaSalle College)
  • Netquiz Web: Quiz-making Software (Paulette Cake, Project Manager, CCDMD)

Behind the Scenes

To organize this activity, Julie Anne invited all of the teachers in her college to share their knowledge and experience. Julie Anne also sent a call for proposals to the REPTIC network. This year, ministerial IT Partners, including the CCDMD, the IT Representatives’ Network, Cégep à distance and the Vitrine technologie-éducation answered her call.

Not a teacher at LaSalle College? Ryan Moon, who is also a member of the Profweb team, will be providing a summary of highlights from the event in an upcoming article in the coming weeks.

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