June 11, 2014

Profweb, Even More Amazing!

Profweb has provided inspirational texts for college teachers, both in terms of pedagogy and technology, for several years. The Profweb site has been completely redesigned to serve as an essential resource for the college network. In its revamped website Profweb offers:

  • News for the college network about available digital resources
  • Inspirational texts that deal with the pedagogical integration of technology into college pedagogy.

A Simplified Architecture

The new Profweb site features a simplified architecture that makes it easier to find resources related to education.

Publications remain at the center of the site:

  • Real-life Stories written by dynamic teachers who have integrated inspiring technologies
  • Articles which feature the expertise gained within the college network.
  • In-depth reports on topics related to the integration of technology into education

For example, a teacher who is interested in digital portfolios would discover among Profweb’s resources:

  • Real-life stories written by teachers who have used a digital portfolio in their courses.
  • Articles that have resources or tips related to the use of the portfolio.
  • A report that explains the educational benefits of using digital portfolios in a course or program.

The new Digital Tools section succinctly presents applications, software and other digital resources. Teachers will find explanations on how they can use each of these tools.

Profweb has become an essential springboard for your educational initiatives!

Profweb’s New Features

A new powerful search engine allows you to quickly and efficiently find what you want.

The site also has a feedback feature that allows teachers to contribute and renew the vitality of the college network by commenting on publications, by asking questions and by sharing resources.

Improved Integration of Network Resources

A new Activities Calendar allows teachers to see the diverse offerings of many organizations both within and of interest to the college network. This calendar of activities includes both credit and non-credit continuing education initiatives, as well as activities, conferences and seminars of interest to the college community.

In addition, a new directory of organizations, IT Partners who support you in your teaching, is available at the bottom of each page of the site.

Profweb in French and English

Of course, Profweb still offers French and English versions, meeting the needs of both Francophone and Anglophone communities. The new site promotes the transfer of knowledge from one community to another. Indeed, Profweb regularly informs readers in each edition of inspiring publications appearing in the other language.

Hosting for your own Educational Projects

Profweb still offers free web spaces to teachers and mentors in the college system who need a virtual space to host their educational projects. Thanks to the web space, teachers, counsellors and administrators can publish one or more web sites in a simple, reliable and secure way. Installing a WordPress blog or a Mediawiki wiki is possible in a few clicks.

Netquiz Web, CCDMD’s online test and exercise generator is also available on the Profweb web space.

Technical support, by email or phone, is offered throughout the school year to assist Web Space users.

An Accessible and Adaptable Interface

Web accessibility involves making services available to all individuals, regardless of the hardware or software they use, or their physical and intellectual abilities. Profweb placed universal web accessibility for everyone at the heart of its redesign criteria. The website accessibility standard SGQRI 008-01 was used to ensure that the majority of web content conforms with accessibility guidelines proposed by the Quebec government.

Profweb now offers the ability to increase image or type size or improve colour contrast. The site can be adequately used by alternative screen readers such as those for the visually impaired. It is also possible to browse pages respecting the sequential order of content using a keyboard, which enables navigation without a mouse.

Our new site is compatible with a multitude of screen sizes as well as all major browser resolutions. You can access the Profweb site on your smartphone, your tablet or your home computer, regardless of your operating system.

A Site Worth Visiting!

In colleges, the technology landscape has come to include mobile devices in classrooms, renewed learning environments and video teleconferencing bridges between colleges. In its new site, Profweb intends to pursue its mission by addressing technologies that enhance pedagogy and technology encouraging educational initiatives.

To stay informed about breaking news, subscribe to our Profweb newsletter in French or English, revamped in tandem with the new site.

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