June 5, 2007

Profweb sets ITs Sails for a September destination

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

This column is our last column of the academic year. The Animaweb Team is looking forward to next autumn when it will continue its mandate of communicating the story of the ongoing transformation of the Quebec collegial network as IT becomes more and more a part of our province’s pedagogy.

A September Filled with IT Wonder

La Chalouperie – World of Images (CCDMD)

In September we’ll again return with our holds filled with the bounty of our IT partners, and armed with the fruits of our labour to render Profweb an IT mother lode for collegial profs. This year Profweb produced three reports in English and two in French; three stories in English and fourteen in French. Nursing led the pack this year with 28 appearances on the site in English and 35 in French.

A New Shipshape Site Ready for Action

Perhaps the most dramatic event in this our second year has been Profweb 2. Our new site has been the result of our growing awareness of our audience’s needs. The appearance of the site is airier and easier to read, and we are all looking forward to getting even more input about our content from the comments feature incorporated into many of our sections. Contact us as always at . Now, however, we invite our readers to stay in touch using our RSS feeds as well.

We can say that the process of breaking in Profweb 2 will continue next year. Much of this effort is technical, mastering the web authoring software as well as adjusting to increased opportunities for visual and audio content. As Profweb enters its third year, the Animaweb team is looking forward to promoting our research functions which will give users results by discipline to the growing body of information on Profweb contributed not only by us, but by our IT partners

Mapping Uncharted Territory

Norm Spatz

In one respect, this final column is even a first. Written by Norm Spatz, this is the first column that has been adapted into French from the original English version. Norm’s entry into the Profweb team has been a growing experience for all. Having made such a serious commitment to English content, Profweb has reached out to its anglo audience and has developed effective strategies to fulfill its mandate to inform the entire Quebec collegial network of IT developments regardless of language of instruction or any other factor. Profweb is committed to building links between all parts of the network. The Animaweb team has made numerous visits to cégeps and conventions in both languages of the network, presenting information about Profweb and its usefulness as a pedagogical resource.

A Year Filled With Treasure

On our way to the Grosse-Ile – Lyse Favreau

All this information has been building to an exciting conclusion. We seem to be doing something right! Statistically, Profweb attracts more visits almost every month. Year to year visits have risen about 50%. In March 2007, the site had 10,491 visits from 7,830 computers, an all time high. All of us at Profweb thank you profoundly for your interest and look forward to serving you in the coming year. Don’t miss our launch on August 27th!

Have a good summer everybody!

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