February 5, 2008

Simple entry, easy-to-use and up-to-date – APOP_Office

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention! In our evolving virtual economy and social networking environment, there is a growing imperative for mastery in these endeavors. Building on its past successes, APOP has developed a new section of its portal called APOP_Office, a section of online applications which will be appearing in French during the second week of February and later in English.

APOP_Office poster

The Fruit of our Experience

Given its goal to serve both the anglophone and francophone and both the public and private college networks, any number of you have already had the pleasure of taking one of APOP’s continuing education courses totally online. After two annual e-conferences, four hybrid caravane_APOP (both in person and online), and more than 40 workshops presented by video teleconference, APOP’s expertise in telecommunication developments for information technology in education is widely recognized.

Quickly target useful information, simplify registration…

Information files

APOP is therefore proud to introduce this section of dynamic new tools which allows users to stay informed of upcoming activities (activity index by title, by reference number, by presenter, etc.), establish continuing education goals (preparatory activities, pedagogical planning, print and media creation, presentation and broadcasting, academic management, communication/collaboration and evaluation) and register online. APOP Students will also be able to reduce registration time by streamlining approval for funding from their college be it from the continuing education committee, discretionary funds for continuing education, a parity committee or other source. Class schedules will also be flexible. Completely new activities or new sessions of existing activities can be added at any time to respond to specific needs of individual participants or groups.

Activities calendar

Another advantage is that courses can be offered to a wide variety of clientele coming from several educational levels and environments, fostering varied exchanges and interesting discussions.

APOP’s online toolbox also comes loaded with accessories to facilitate your online activities such as guides to the Internet and the VIA conferencing platform as well as information on peripherals for video teleconferencing. In essence, everything that an online student needs to maximize their education experience and minimize technical and organizational problems is conveniently at hand.

An Invitation to Participate

This section will also be the home of our mini-lectures (60 minutes or less) which will occur at various times from February to June. Is there a resource or IT experience that you would like to share with your peers? Do you have suggestions to make about resource people who have a topic of interest or expertise to communicate? APOP is always on the lookout for participants in the network who wish to rise to the challenge of professional collaboration and cooperation.

It is our credo that in each small community of practice there is material about the academic integration of information technology which merits a wider audience. We look forward to receiving your views and suggestions on this subject! 

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