September 7, 2015

Technology in Teaching Presentations from AQPC 2015 That Are Worth Revisiting

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Once again, the AQPC conference held last June was a veritable window into the most innovative projects the college network of Quebec had to offer, which just happened to include a number of ICT projects. The vast number of presentations barred the delegates from viewing all of them, but at least everyone can now check out some of the presentations they missed by visiting AQPC’s website. There you will find the slideshows and documents that were used in most of these talks. You can even go back in time to conferences from previous years to check out the documentation from those conferences, and view some presentations.

The Documentation Presented During AQPC Conferences

The on-line archives of AQPC conferences give you access to documents that were submitted by the presenters of recent conferences. By visiting the page: you can directly access the detailed program of the June 2015 conference (in French) as well as download documents submitted for various presentations, including:

  • 201 En synergie pour évaluer les travaux d’équipe
  • 206 Developing Expert Students in an Interactive Learning Environment
  • 208 Dix astuces pour réussir l’inversion de sa classe
  • 412 Développer des habiletés informationnelles, technologiques et méthodologiques
  • 414 Un nouveau test de positionnement en langue seconde
  • 515 How Many Trees in That Forest? Cultivating Numerical Literacy across the Science Curriculum
  • 615 Les nouvelles technologies en enseignement : énergivores ou énergisantes ?
  • 704 La classe hybride dans un contexte d’internationalisation de la clientèle
  • 801 Les conditions d’efficacité des classes d’apprentissage actif
  • 811 Enseigner à la grandeur de la planète avec iTunes U
  • 814 TIC et évaluation des apprentissages, une synergie à développer

You’ll also find the documentation that was distributed during many of the presentations within the archives of the AQPC conference. Moreover, a number of documents will likely be uploaded, adding to those that are already available.

In the AQPC conference archive, you can also check out the documents that were posted during the conference that was held in Gatineau in 2012, Montreal in 2013 and Laval in 2014. Don’t be shy to browse through these documents, there is a treasure trove of relevant resources.

It is also possible to access texts from earlier conferences within a compendium known as the Actes des colloques, which can be ordered in print from the AQPC, or you can access an electronic version through the website of the Centre de documentation collégiale at (available in English by clicking on ‘English’ on the landing page).

The AQPC Conferences

For many years, thanks to collaboration between the conference host colleges and the Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD), AQPC has managed to record the keynote presentations from their annual conferences and make them available to the college community.

The AQPC conference archives, just like the CCDMD’s digital conferencing site, already provides access to a large database of videos. In the archives for the AQPC conference some examples of the videos you will find include:

  • L’innovation mode d’emploi – a presentation by Yvon Fortin (2014 conference)
  • Towards Inclusive and Successful Learning for All: Universal Design in the College Classroom – a presentation by Thomas Henderson (2013 conference)
  • Posture épistémologique… esprit critique by Mathieu Gagnon (2012 conference)
  • The Link Between Beliefs and Actions: Why Students’ Perceptions Matter by Gary Poole (2011 conference)
  • La pratique du savoir-être : un défi didactique by Henri Boudreault (2010 conference).

Within the coming weeks, the AQPC will also add recordings of four conferences that were presented in 2015, including:

  • 201 En synergie pour l’évaluation des travaux d’équipe by France Côté and Hélène Lévesque
  • 301 Avez-vous dit « problèmes d’attitudes» ? by René Duchemin
  • 401 Five Practices You Want in Your Elearning Strategy by Patrick Devey
  • 900 Faire ensemble by Jean-Marie Zeitouni.

All of these resources are made available to you free of charge. The AQPC invites you to take full advantage of them while you are waiting for the next edition of the conference, which will take place in Quebec City from June 8th to 10th, 2016. It will be a pleasure of us and our colleagues from Cégep Garneau to receive you next year.

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