November 16, 2010

The AQPC – Networking for 30 Years

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Teaching, learning and networking

for personal fulfillment and collective success

The call for papers for the 31st AQPC Symposium is already online in both French and English on the AQPC website at Interested parties can now submit their presentation proposals until the deadline of Friday, January 14, 2011.

The symposium will be held in Levis from June 8 to 10, 2011 with the theme TEACHING, LEARNING AND NETWORKING. Again, the AQPC intends to offer more than one hundred papers including several major conferences which will be presented in both French and English with simultaneous translation.

This year’s theme is linked to the thirtieth anniversary of the AQPC as well as to the “network culture” to which it has been able to contribute. Indeed, for 30 years, the AQPC has been enlivening the college pedagogical environment, bringing together educators from all disciplines and fostering collaboration between people from different institutions. It is partly due to this communication of members’ analysis and innovations that the college network has become the pedagogical force that it is today. The AQPC has given a collective dimension to members’ individual reflections and a wider scope for local action. Teachers have found ways to better manage their students, exercise more control over their work patterns and better meet the needs of their institutions.

Logo for the 30th anniversary of the AQPC

By choosing this theme, members of the Board of the AQPC also wanted to highlight the fact that we – teachers, professionals and administrators – are all participants and facilitators of networks for teaching and learning in our classrooms, our departments and services, our colleges and our associations. In the networks that we build, students take ownership of knowledge and develop relationships through which they strengthen their character and develop their individuality.

Banner of the Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

Clearly, this theme strongly involves information technology specialists in education. Electronic networks increase opportunities for collaboration and extend the relationships created in the academic environment. They diversify the modes of access to knowledge and enhance our ability to mentor students. How do we ensure that we maximize the benefits of these networks, including social networks, both virtual and those organized through teamwork or student activities?

Networks in education and research in education extend both internationally and across different levels of education. How can we best integrate the results of research and the research activity itself, into our teaching and learning? How can we translate the contribution of research networks into student training?

The steering committee of the conference wishes to receive presentation proposals from all colleges as well as from universities and schools of Quebec. Also invited are network partners related to education in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada or in other countries to share their experiences and thoughts on these issues as well as on other items of general interest to higher education.

As usual, the presentations will last 75 minutes. In addition, a 30-minute networking session will be included in the programme. Presenters will be able to discuss projects for which they are looking for new partners. Presentations or networking projects may be submitted on forms available on the AQPC website. There is also a call for papers and technical information useful in developing these proposals.

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