November 11, 2014

The CDC Transforms its English Language Resources with the EdITLib Digital Library

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

Freely adapted from the EdITLib website by Isabelle Laplante and Andrée Dagenais.

The EdITLib Digital Library is the premiere online resource for aggregated, peer-reviewed research on the latest developments and applications in Educational Technologies and E-Learning. As suggested by Brenda Lamb of John Abbott College, the CDC undertook a trial subscription and after evaluation from their team and the network, decided to add this database to their E-resources. Members of the Quebec college network can now write to to receive a password to profit from this and the CDC’s many other resources.

The EdITLib Digital Library has over 100,000 documents in English relating to educational technologies and e-learning at a post-secondary level. Encompassing more than 25 years of published international journal articles, conference papers, e-books, and multimedia content from tens of thousands of leading authors, the EdITLib Digital Library connects research and learning within one platform.

Over 40,000 full-text, peer-reviewed documents are available, and an additional 60,000+ abstracts are available, many with links to a full-text version, and if not, just ask the CDC to have access!

Much of the content includes multimedia content such as video, slides, and audio recordings.

The EdITLib Digital Library is your gateway to the latest scholarly research for information technology in education. Featuring an easy-to-use and highly efficient search engine, EdITLib makes it easy to keep up to date on the latest advances in the field.

Highlighted Features

Table of Contents (TOC) Alert Service

This free service of the Digital Library will automatically email to you the Table of Contents of any chosen Journal issue whenever the latest issue is available in the Digital Library. These notifications will include links to the issue abstracts weeks in advance of regular publication.

Bibliographic Software Compatible

It’s possible to import bibliographic references in different formats.

Conference Slides for Presentations

Many of the conference papers include the actual presentation slides in PowerPoint (PPT) format.

Email Abstracts of Search Results

The Digital Library enables you to email abstracts from search results to colleagues (free service) and include your comments. Try it!

Teaching Resources

Many instructors have found EdITLib to be a useful classroom resource for offering:

  • Course readings: A tool will be launched soon to enable instructors to create a course readings online list and document.
  • Research assignments: EdITLib can be used not only for researchers but also to give students experience in conducting their own literature research.

This tutorial gives a great overview of the wealth of resources available to the college network through the CDC’s subscription to EdITLib.

Enjoy exploring EdITLib!

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