February 10, 2017

The Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant Project: Equip Students to Project a Professional Image on the Web.

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

In an article published in Profweb in March 2016, we presented, a bilingual website which seeks to inform students, providing them with tools to help them act responsibly when they use social media and on-line communication.

A brief reminder that provides answers to questions such as:

  • What is a cyber reputation?
  • How to recognize a case of cyberbullying?
  • How to prevent a harmful off-line meeting?
  • What to do in a case of identity theft?

The site is a reference tool for students, but also for teachers and college representatives who want to make students aware of the effects of social media. To learn more about, consult the section “About”.

The site proposes resources according to the risks associated with the use of social media: cyberbullying, off-line meetings, cyber reputation, the right to one’s own image, and identity theft. The site also offers resources to notify users about these situations and intervene, if necessary.

Video clips supplement the information and allow for a better understanding of the diverse issues related to the risks. Would you like to share a dynamic video that we could make available on the site? Click here to propose a video clip.

During a workshop given at the AQPC in June 2016, the Cyberself team from the ITREP Network presented the site to approximately 50 participants. The feedback received from the presentation and suggestions made by the participants brought about another project linked with the site…

Look After Your Professional Image on the Web

The Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant (working title) is under development: this new section of the webspace will inform and raise students’ awareness about the importance of projecting a professional image on the Web during AND after a job hunt or an internship.

The work completed by the team identified a set of subjects that became the purpose of the guide, such as:

  • Could my virtual image influence the choice of recruiters?
  • My digital identity (the image you project on the Web)
    • What does it look like now? How can I get information about the traces I leave on the Web?
    • How can I be certain that the image I project on social media is appropriate? What to post, what not to post? Photos, texts (think before sending), opinions, status, etc.
    • How can I erase undesirable traces?
  • After having found a job or an internship, what do I do with my virtual image and my digital identity? Do I have rules to respect?
  • Etc.

Your Opinion on the Relevance of the Themes of the Little Guide

If you are interested in the project, using one multiple-choice question, we ask your opinion on the relevance of the subjects and, if applicable, your comments, suggestions, etc. Technical program coordinators, internship coordinators and student services counsellors are particularly invited to comment on the suggestions.

The invitation is also for students in the college network!

Link to the questionnaire:

About the author

Nicole Perreault

She began her college career as a Psychology Teacher and Education Advisor at Collège André-Grasset. She was then the Director of APOP and the CLIC newsletter before becoming an Education Advisor at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. Since 2005, she is pleased to be the Community Manager for the Réseau des REPTIC (IT Representatives Network) which brings together ICT Education Advisors from across the college network. She has written numerous articles and given many workshops on the pedagogical use of technology. Their integration within the context of student success is a subject that she finds particularly interesting.

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