March 23, 2010

Today’s Students:

Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf is hosting the 2010 Pedagogical Workshops of the ACPQ (Association des collèges privés du Québec) which will take place in Magog on May 31 and June1. The event will be an opportunity to examine the nature of the students who are entering or who will shortly be entering the college network.

Jean-de-Brébeuf college

Recently, the nature of our students has taken a rather puzzling turn. Today’s students belong to Generation C. Raised with the web and imbued with the ethic of Creation, Communication and Collaboration, the youth of Facebook, Twitter and Wikis expect instant access to information which has its advantages but also its risks. Certain students chat, text and instant message on their cellular phones in class and display a general lack of respect for their teachers who in turn can react with surprise or irritation. Adding to this mix, beginning in the autumn of 2010, students will be the products of the Reform that has taken place in the secondary schools and will arrive with knowledge and ways of learning different from their predecessors.

Adapting to these students is no easy task and represents at least a year of solving a very difficult puzzle.

Information about the workshops is coming to the ACPQ site as of March 24.

How can one survive the myriad of changes that this diversity will produce? How can one assemble the pieces of the puzzle?

Banner for the pedagogical workshops Today’s Students: Solve the

The forty workshops of which seven are in English, as well as the presentations of Mr Vincent Tanguay of CEFRIO (Centre francophone d’informatisation des organisations) and of Ms Diane PACOM of  the University of Ottawa (in French) will allow participants to better understand today’s students and the strategies necessary to help them to learn and develop effectively. Information about the workshops is coming to the ACPQ site as of March 24.

Please consider this article as your invitation to consult our site and attend our sessions.

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