May 15, 2007

With DECclic II, Teachers Take Control of Their Tools

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

This column was written by members of the DECclic collegial course platform team which includes the coordinator Pierre Séguin, whose photo is in the title block, and other members, whose photos and names are indicated within the text.

François Lizotte

In just minutes, teachers can use DECclic II to not only define the structure of their course but to create classes and easily updatable class lists. The link between the DECclic server and the server of your college allows secure rapid transfers of class lists and other course information.

Need a forum for a class or a team? Need to post student work anonymously? Need to name a student moderator? These are just a few of theoptions that can be chosen and then modified at any time.

Jean-Paul Raîche

Perhaps, you want to make a file available to students at a specific date and then track which of them has downloaded it. Using the schedule feature, you can control access dates and then access user statistics.

Philippe Gagné

Maybe, you would like to create teams and then suggest collaborative software for them to use. Of course, if you do this, you would want to be able to track their work. DECclic II lets you do it all! Use the ‘Add a team’ feature, choose your students and then click on the software that you want the team to use. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Next, you’ve trashed a document, and now, you need to get it back. Or, you need to collect student work securely and confidentially. DECclic II has a safety net and can restore any trashed work. Student work is automatically routed to secure folders.

Monique Tardif

Need the flexibility of on-line content? DECclic II has integral web-authoring software with a host of page backgrounds.

When you need formative or summative on-line tests, DECclic II can deliver. Specific dates and times of access, prerequisites for student entry, controlled access to answers and grades are all in your toolbox!

Brent Reid

To connect with students in work-study posts, DECclic II is the way to not only get their daily journals and reports, but to actually conduct real-time meetings using the VIA conferencing platform. Interfacing with VIA goes on-line on June 5 at our annual meeting.

Have you ever thought of team teaching with a colleague in-house or elsewhere in the network? DECclic II is your key to full, rich integration in team teaching with flexibility to define each member’s responsibilities and access to course content.

Claudette Ouellette

We could go on like this for several pages! The message we are sending is that DECclic II adapts to your needs. We’ve added the features so that you can be in control.

Students will also appreciate one-click access to course content made available to them by the teacher. Everything can be reached from the home page, and the graphics make it easy. DECclic’s flexibility makes learning fun! Physics course example

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