Moodle, an open-source digital learning environment

Moodle is a digital learning environment. It combines content presentation with a set of communication, learning management and interactivity tools.

Moodle is open software, which differentiates it from other digital learning environments such as LÉA or Microsoft Teams. It can also easily adapt to your needs and your reality.

The Eductive website is filled with resources on the use of Moodle.

Moreover, the Eductive team offers free technical training on specific aspects of Moodle, but also a support service for teachers who want to use the pedagogical functionalities of Moodle to their full potential.

Eductive also gives you free access to self-paced courses on Moodle. You will be able to train within the Moodle environment itself.

Resources about Moodle

Here are some of the resources about Moodle that Eductive offers you.

Upcoming trainings and workshops

Here are the next technical trainings and the next pedagogical workshops about Moodle.

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Learn to use Moodle… on Moodle, at your own pace!

Eductive offers self-paced courses in French. They are built like a Moodle course about the Moodle environment itself.

Don’t have access to Moodle?

Collecto, the organization that manages Eductive, is reponsible for hosting Moodle for the majority of the province’s college institutions. Collecto also offers technical support to the Moodle administrators in those establishments. If your school does not offer you access to Moodle, reach out to your IT services point person !

Questions about Moodle ?

  • If you are a teacher who has a question about the use of the Moodle platform of your college, contact the person who manages Moodle for your college, or your IT rep.
  • If you are an IT rep and you have a question about the pedagogical use of Moodle, contact the Eductive team to discuss or to learn how we could support you !