Technopedagogical training

Courses and workshops to meet all your needs

Eductive offers a wide variety of courses, workshops, and other technopedagogical activities in the college network for free.

Technical trainings on the use of Moodle and Web Space

Eductive offers free technical trainings about the use of Moodle and Web Space.

Online labs to experiment with emerging technologies

The Eductive labs are free, online activities. These participative meetings bring together experts, teachers, and pedagogical advisors to build knowledge about the emerging practices or uses of technology in higher education.

A lab may focus on:

  • a specific discipline
  • a technological issue
  • an innovative pedagogical practice

The majority of labs are scaffolded in different steps. Each step is based on a virtual meeting centered on an aspect of the topic.

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Workshops about the pedagogical integration of digital technology at the college level

The Eductive team regularly hosts virtual workshops independently or during ped days, colloquiums, or symposiums in the college network.

You need a customized workshop?

You are responsible for organising a ped day for your department or your college and you would like us to participate? Contact us!

Our team can offer pedagogical workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • useful digital tools for a more inclusive pedagogical practice
  • useful digital tools to foster class interactions and between students
  • using digital technology for richer and more efficient feedback
  • using and creating pedagogical videos
  • distance, dual mode, or hybrid learning
  • and many others!

Need something specific? Contact us to know if one of our free workshops could meet your needs. We could also develop a custom activity for you.

Questions about our activities?

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