Open Educational Resources

Promote the adoption and adaptation of open educational resources at the college level

Open educational resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials shared in the public domain or published under an open license. These resources are not only free to use, but their licenses also allow adaptation, including translation.

The catalogs of open educational resources are an inexhaustible source of content to use in your teaching.

For your courses, you probably create pedagogical material. Have you ever considered making it accessible under an open licence? It could then benefit other teachers… as well as their students!

Eductive promotes the creation and use of open educational resources by the teachers of the college network.

The Eductive team manages Ceres, a catalog of teaching and learning resources (whether open or not). Ceres brings together relevant resources coming from a variety of Quebecois or international resources. The digital resources themselves are generally hosted by the institutions that have created them.

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Eductive is filled with information and inspiration on the use of open educational resources at the college level.

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