Emerging technologies and pedagogical approaches

Prospective watch and discovery process

Our prospective watch lets you discover the upcoming technological advances and evaluate the way of integrating them to your pedagogical practice. It keeps you from reinventing the wheel!

The Eductive team monitors myriad resources and shares the results with you! Moreover, we can support you in your own technopedagogical watch.

You can count on the Eductive team for:

  • online experimentation labs
  • resources to guide your technopedagogical choices
  • support for your projects

A blog to share the results of our prospective watch

Eductive is on the lookout for any news regarding the pedagogical use of emerging technologies. You can discover the results of our technopedagogical watch, among others, on our blog.

Online labs to experiment with emerging technologies

Eductive organizes many labs every year. These labs are online and free, thanks to the financial support of the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec. The participative meetings bring together experts, teachers and pedagogical advisors to build knowledge of emerging uses or practices with regard to technology in higher education.

A lab can focus on:

  • a specific discipline
  • a technological issue
  • an innovative pedagogical practice

The majority of labs are scaffolded in different steps. Each step is built around a virtual meeting centered on an aspect of that topic.

Missed a lab? Consult a summary.

Expert logs and support for innovative projects

Eductive collaborates regularly with teachers and researchers on pedagogical innovation projects at the college level. They share the results of those projects with you in their expert logs.


Letter of support for innovative projects

You want to submit a request to a research support program for an innovative project in the college network and you need a letter of support? Contact us!

We are excited about emerging technologies in teaching and learning!

Do you have a specific question about the integration of emerging technologies in college education or would you like to share a project with us? We can be your entry point to a vast network of partners and specialists.