December 16, 2008

An Academic IT Community Built on Sharing

The time to write our last column of the year is upon us. As we did last year, we are taking this opportunity to thank you for your warm support. Following are highlights of our team members’ 2008 experiences!

Jonathan-Marc Lapointe

My thanks go to users of our Personal Space. This year there were many changes for them as well as for myself as a result of the Space’s update. Therefore, I would first like to thank everyone for their patience, particularly at the start, when things were less than perfect. Our users were encouraging, sending positive comments on the new features. I was touched by those who took the time to thank me for the work that I do whether by phone or by e-mail. It was this response that gave me the determination to forge forward. Finally, I hope that the Personal Space’s service meets your needs and that there is an increasing number of satisfied users.

Françoise Marceau

I would like to thank those who take the less-traveled route to research strategies for student success and development. Technology is at the forefront of several of these innovative projects. Researchers develop tools, design pedagogical activities harnessing the full potential of their students, experiment to find solutions to the difficulties that arise and then share their results on Profweb. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Norm Spatz

The highlight of my year has been the discovery of the amazing diversity of the college network! Did you know that certain colleges include specialized centers where academic life thrives in environments tailored to specific communities? I made this discovery presenting Profweb to personnel at the Multicultural Education Center of Marie-Victorin College where I saw first hand how useful Profweb’s resources can be to teachers in small centers.

Denis Thibault

My year’s highlight goes to our IT Partners who this year have once again greatly enriched Profweb’s pages. Even though publicizing their activities and products to teachers is one of the raisons d’être of Profweb, this important task couldn’t happen without the input of the partners themselves. They give often and generously of their time by writing columns, referencing resources and by many other activities that make Profweb rich and timely, keeping us abreast of ongoing technological change. We thank our partners profusely, without them Profweb would not be what it is today.

Lise Favreau

Although my focus is perhaps a bit tight, my highlight is reserved for the members of the Animaweb team. Jonathan-Marc, you put the person in Personal Space. Your youthful curiosity and helpfulness combine beautifully with your desire to learn! Françoise, you are my jolt of energy, always seeking a better way, outraged over uncoordinated work or wasteful competition. You are a passionate defender of the college network and a tireless worker. Norm, you are my favorite Anglo, a gracious Jewish New Yorker, sometimes confrontational but always trying to make what we do ‘sticky’ in the minds of our readers, particularly Anglophone readers, who are your passion. And finally, Denis, you are my partner, my rock, tirelessly managing contracts and budgets, patiently seeking cooperation and consensus, a techie always at the leading edge of labour-saving technology. All of you have made Profweb what it is today, and I feel proud to be a part of your team. Thank you!

And yourselves, dear Profweb readers?

We await your greetings. Use the Reader Reader Response Feature to send your comments. They make a great gift that gives pleasure indefinitely!

The Profweb team wishes you a New Year filled with warmth, tenderness, pleasure and peace.

P.S. – Thank you Daniel Hardy for the pictures!

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