November 10, 2009

Let the CCDMD help you turn your project into a reality!

Producing academic materials of high quality adapted to the needs of both teachers and students of both the English-language and French-language colleges is the mandate of the CCDMD (Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development).

The CCDMD can also support translations of academic material of any type including textbooks, software, DVDs or websites. Projects may be submitted by a teacher within the college network or by an outside specialist who is recommended by a teacher and their Academic Dean.

The 2010 Call for Projects will shortly be online at the CCDMD site.

The 2010 Call for Projects will shortly be online at the CCDMD site from the ‘Call for Projects’ tab. Inside this booklet is a project presentation form. Submitted projects will be reviewed by a seven-person selection committee basing its decisions on the evaluation criteria listed in the guide.  You should soon be receiving a copy of our guide sent through your college’s Office of the Academic Dean or your IT Representative. Last year, the CCDMD received ten English-language proposals and fifteen in French. A total of fourteen projects were approved. We are looking forward to receiving even more applications this year.

This year we will soon be adding an explanatory video giving you some information about the mandate of the CCDMD as well as insight from teachers who have completed projects. You can also see examples of our products in the ‘Resources by Discipline’ tab on our site.

We are looking forward to receiving a significant number of your proposals.

At the end of our guide, you can see descriptions of our nearly 60 projects in development. In order to avoid making a submission too similar to these, please consult this information.

This year’s deadline for submission to the CCDMD has been set at March 5, 2010. If your project is selected, we will be able to work with you to produce products that will enrich college teaching and learning. Feel free to contact us if you need help with the application process.

Looking forward to working with you!

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