December 5, 2006

The New Improved Anglo side of Profweb!

It’s official! Profweb now has an English language coordinator; Norm Spatz has been named to the post. Currently, the coordinator of the Département de Langues at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Mr Spatz will spend the next month getting to know the Profweb environment, and then in January will take an active role in the preparation of material in English.

You can now count on Profweb to be the voice of English cégeps in technology. Mr. Spatz sees a number of exciting features appearing next semester. Look for:

  • Real life accounts of teachers in English cégeps making technology a part of their professions, 
  • Reviews of pedagogical resources that come to light or that are suggested by readers, 
  • Projects done in conjunction with the French site that cut across the linguistic divide to highlight similarities in IT use as well as differences, 
  • News of events that occur with the implementation of technology within the English system, 
  • Reports from other players in the IT network such as the IT Reps, IT Network Partners, and even computer technicians, developers and students,
  • Lively translations of articles from the French site that are of interest to English readers.

Norm Spatz

Over the next few months, Norm Spatz counts on making Profweb a dynamic, bilingual forum for teachers to exchange with colleagues from all over Quebec. Profweb in English will become a livelier, richer resource that will try to strengthen the links between English cégeps all over the province as well as facilitate the flow of information technology throughout both linguistic networks of the college system.

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