March 30, 2016

A Preview of À la Carte Moodle On-line Training Courses

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

During this era of unprecedented technological growth, information about hundreds of different technological trends, including the use of the Moodle learning management system (LMS), can be overwhelming. DECclic, the Moodle LMS hosting provider for most of the public CEGEPs in our beautiful province, acknowledges and understands the importance of the user experience for teachers. With this in mind, DECclic has designed and developed stand-alone e-Learning modules tailored to teachers who are just getting started with the Moodle LMS.

Educational institutions, small and medium businesses as well as health care service providers are increasingly recognizing the need for, and importance of providing flexible on-line learning options for their students and clients. The pedagogical approaches mentioned above are becoming more and more sophisticated due to the thousands of open, free, or paid software licenses, different online services, plug-ins, and learning or content management systems. No wonder it’s not easy to swim in the sea of technological tools. The users of these tools would benefit from being guided in a meaningful direction while they are learning about these new tools so that they may eventually excel with them.

Did you know that Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment? It is a learning management system that was designed and developed in Australia. The LMS was designed based on elements of the social constructivist approach to learning. This basically means that teachers can decide how to build their instruction within this environment and determine how to transfer their expertise to students. The students can study at their own pace, choosing how and when to digest the material online.

The Moodle eLearning course developed by DECclic was built on the premise of having an online environment, where information within specific learning objects (in this case the different types of activities available in Moodle), could be easily accessible, well-structured, comprehensive and interactive all at once.

A wheel of all the subjects covered within the Moodle course

Some of the subjects that are covered within the Moodle e-Learning course developed by DECclic.

The teachers I have spoken with want their journey with Moodle to integrate a personalized learning approach. Many of us are apprehensive about using new tools, and learning a new piece of technology can be time-consuming and challenging at times.

Introductory screen to one of the eLearning modules

The Introductory screen to one of the eLearning modules in the course.

The e-Learning course that DECclic has created includes a thoughtful blend of video tutorials, theory and useful information presented in the form of learning activities. The course also provides access to a practice environment in Moodle so that teachers can begin applying their knowledge immediately. And as the proverbial icing on the cake, there is also a set of example quizzes!

Example of a video within the e-Learning course

An example of one of the videos within the e-Learning course.

A harmonious and rigorous approach that includes the crucial functions of the LMS – was the key driving force during the design process. The on-line course consists of a set of Moodle activities and resources which are likely to be beneficial to any teacher within their practice.

The course will be on-line very soon and we are now accepting registrations for the course. Just send me an e-mail to add your name to the list!

About the Author

Orzu Kamolova works as a Moodle Learning Management System Consultant with DECclic and as a Technopedagogical Advisor at Champlain Regional College. She holds a double Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Educational Technology from Concordia University. Her expertise in E-learning design and development combined with Moodle Administration expertise help her to bring  the usage of Moodle to the next level. At Champlain Regional College she assists Pedagogical Advisors to integrate new technologies into their curriculum in ways that are pedagogically sound by combining adult learning theories with pedagogical approaches.

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