November 3, 2015

Better Late Than Never!

It is with great pleasure that I am introducing you to the members of the team behind the scenes at Profweb who work with us as regular or special correspondents.

The English Edition team includes

  • Ryan W. Moon – He may have the name of a secret agent, but he really has been playing the role of Editor of the English Edition at Profweb since last year (unless he is merely a double-agent spying on us for Cégep à distance – his other place of gainful employment). What sets him apart? He is a gentleman with Scottish roots, and has a weakness for 80s music. He also has fully come to terms with (and embraced) his geekiness.

  • Murielle Cayouette has just joined the team. A tri-lingual Teacher, she is an adept multitasking juggler of responsibilities! This is an important talent which helps her to combine her diverse mandates with her other passions, like travel and wilderness activities. What sets her apart? Her ability to manage all sorts of incredible situations, from repairing photocopiers to emergency evacs in helicopters. This week she provided a translation of Karine Aeschlimann’s Real Life Story on using Stellarium.

From the French side, the journalistic team includes

  • Andréanne Turgeon, who has a very sharp eye. Thanks to her new black and pink glasses, she can detect errors at a break-neck pace. What sets her apart? Her expressive laugh and her love of cats! This week she submitted a summary of the conference “Éduquer aux médias.” Pretty serious stuff!

  • Audrey Corbeil, the new techno-pedagogical recruit unearthed one of the most interesting Real Life Stories this year with Ian Murphy from the Cégep de Drummondville. A must read! What sets Audrey apart? Her penchant for conducting interviews through Skype with her loyal assistant (Axel the Chihuahua) at her side.

  • Catherine Rhéaume is a Teacher who has returned to the team after taking a parental leave. She will soon be publishing an article on the tool “reconciling teaching and insomnia.” Whoops, we meant to say Geogebra, an article she penned with Charles Laporte, a Teacher at LaSalle College. What sets her apart? Her inability to resist eating chocolate and her frenetic pace. Perhaps one is responsible for the other?

And last but not least, straddling both sectors

  • Guillaume Vachon is a veritable multi-instrumentalist. He is the web integrator, resource person supporting Profweb’s Web Space, occasional writer, graphic designer and trouble-shooter for all sorts of problems. What sets him apart? As an adept of fantasy fiction, it’s no wonder that he is sometimes lost in the clouds – unless he’s considering churning butter or brewing beer.

I have the privilege of supervising this wonderful team while also working with 11 ministerial ICT partners that offer precious techno-pedagogical support and services to the college network. Our objective? To inspire new teaching practices that integrate ICTs.

We wish you happy reading and invite you to drop us a line at if you have an interesting idea for an upcoming article!

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