August 23, 2017

News from the Coordinator

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

Greetings everyone!

First of all, I extend my wishes to you for an exceptional year in 2015. Our team’s thoughts go out to all the teachers that are beginning the new semester: New schedule, sometimes new courses, new groups, new challenges and maybe even a new environment! May health, pleasure, inspiration and an ample quantity of energy see you through the winter semester!

For the Profweb side of things, I must highlight the departure of Norm Spatz, our Profweb English Editor, who has left for a well-deserved retirement. Keep an eye out for our publications in the coming weeks as we are preparing a special bulletin and an article in recognition of his important contribution both as a member of our team and as a member of the college network. Norm, we are very grateful for all you have done, and wish you a wonderful retirement. We hope you will remain an avid member of our readership!

Norm Spatz has been a big part of Profweb from the start

I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to inform you of the person who will be taking over the english edition of Profweb. Ryan W. Moon will act as the new Editor for Profweb on a part-time basis until June. Ryan has been the Program Manager of English Language Services (Education Advisor) for the English Sector at Cégep à distance since 2006. Part of his responsibility is to ensure ongoing communication and collaboration with the English CEGEPs in Quebec.

Ryan W. Moon, the new English Editor at Profweb

Prior to this, he worked in private industry in Montreal and Toronto (providing tailored training solutions including e-learning). He has also been an IT-Representative. It’s a return to the well for Ryan!

Ryan grew up in Chatham, in southwest Ontario (a stone’s throw from Detroit), He is also a full-time dad to two young children.

He thought it important to point out to us that he has been a (new) technology fanatic for most of his life. His first electronic device, as he recalls, was the Little Professor learning calculator (which is available through Google play today), but his first love was his Commodore 64!!!

Welcome to Profweb Ryan! To get in touch:

Other news!

In the fall of 2014, the Profweb team completed a report on our 2011-2014 strategic plan. In the wake of this exercise, our team also met several times in preparation for the next plan for 2015-2020, ensuring that our readers and partners were consulted along the way. We can’t wait to present it to you this semester. We have finally consolidated our new Editorial committee, which consists of Teachers and Education Advisors from both public and private colleges, the French and English sectors and has representatives from the various regions. More information to come in the next bulletin! Have an excellent winter semester!

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Catherine Rhéaume
Catherine Rhéaume
14 January 2015 19h52

Norm Spatz really deserves a wonderful retirement! He’s been an exceptionnal teacher, the very heart of “the English side of Profweb”, and so many other things in the college network… A very inspiring person to work with! And what’s great about being inspiring is that, even when you retire, your ideas are still active through the colleagues you inspired…
As you often say, Norm: “Bravo!” Enjoy Florida’s sun! (And Montreal’s too ;-))
(And welcome to Ryan! :-))

Ryan W. Moon
Ryan W. Moon
19 January 2015 18h49

Thanks Catherine for your welcome. Awfully hard to fill Norm’s shoes. He will be very pleased to see your comment. Looking forward to collaborating with you in the future Catherine!