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The Pedagogical Workshops of the ACPQ
May 30 & 31
Château Mont-Saint-Anne, Beaupré

Since their inception, schools have had to deal with the need to evolve in order to adapt to the inevitable changes in students and society.

The external forces pushing schools towards change, a much talked about topic for many years now, are numerous: reforms in college teaching, developments in information technology and communications, changing relationships within the family, pedagogical renewal within the system of secondary education, increase in students with special needs, to name only a few.

These factors must be viewed as challenges, as opportunities to surpass ourselves and to go off the beaten path. They can, in fact, generate a certain amount of dissatisfaction, the perception of an imbalance between that which is desired and that which is actually accomplished, thus leading teachers to call upon their imagination, creativity and daring in looking for new ways of doing things, new ways of fostering a relationship with their students. It goes without saying that the achievements that result from their experiences are often a source of inspiration for their colleagues.

Sortir des sentiers battus (Offt the Beaten Path) banner

The pedagogical workshops of 2011 will introduce participants to the innovations implemented in private colleges during these last few years, notably regarding pedagogical approaches: teaching, learning and evaluation activities; class organization; extracurricular activities; and services offered to students.

It will more specifically address individual assessment in group work, virtual tools to improve language quality, demonstrations as a way to motivate students, distance tutoring in English as a Second Language, online tools to help students in mathematics, evaluation of social network production tools, activities outside the classroom to improve the quality of faculty-student relationships, assessment of skills in core education and pre-university education, classroom management, and much more.

logo ACPQ

ACPQ logo

Keynote speakers at the ACPQ this year will include Denis Bedard, professor at the University of Sherbrooke, who has just published a collection of articles about innovation in higher education and Sylvie Frechette, a former Olympic gold medalist, who will talk about the passion and motivation that led her to go beyond the beaten path.

The Profweb Team is participating in the commercial exhibits, the ‘salon des exposants’. As well, there will be a workshop in French and one in English where participants will receive a tour of the site and proof positive that Profweb is your ticket off the beaten path: the content at our crossroads continues to evolve and enrich thanks to the contribution of all our partners who will also be present for the occasion.

The 2011 program of educational workshops will be available on the website of the ‘Association des collèges privés du Québec’ at the end of March.

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