March 24, 2009

Ready for the Reform

The 32nd edition of the Pedagogical Workshops of the ACPQ (Association des collèges privés du Québec) will take place on May 25 and 26, 2009 at the Manoir St-Castin near Quebec City. This year’s theme is Ready for the Reform.Collège Mérici is the host of this year’s event. The registration deadline is April 17.


The first cohort of students who are products of the reforms put in place by The Estates General on Education arrive at college doorsteps in August 2010, fourteen years after the event. As the colleges welcome these products of the Quebec Education Program, Ms Nicole Grégoire Pedagogical Services Director and Mr Guy Bouchard Coordinator of Teaching Services at FEEP (Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés) will give keynote speeches responding to the questions raised by these students’ arrival.

The many changes caused by secondary school reform will be the subject of several workshops. Particular attention will be paid to the changing student profile and the links between secondary and college studies in many college programs. Research at the collegiate level will also have an important place through scientific poster sessions and workshops. Topics to explore on the agenda include physical education, an ecologically responsible approach, learning difficulties, core studies and student engagement. Forty workshops are being offered of which six are in English. The workshops will be presented in a variety of contexts including formal presentations, guided discussion groups, hands-on sessions at the keyboard, round table discussions and physical activities. This annual gathering of the private college network welcomes the network partners as resource people.

Ready for the Reform Poster

As IT is a necessity in our constantly evolving world and essential for the success of our youth, workshop participants are invited to workshops given on related themes such as IT and Pedagogical Innovation and Geographical Information Systems (SIG).

Finally, Mr Raoul Duguay, poet, philosopher, informed dreamer, multidisciplinary artist and multitalented communicator will give the closing address with the theme Évoluer, c’est créer (Creating To Evolve). According to him creation is an activity which calls upon the discipline of logic as much as the freedom of intuition and emotion. The importance of creation in teaching is without question.

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