December 10, 2009

Taking the Time to Say What Counts!

If one can talk about traditions dating from 2007, our last column of the year has been our opportunity to express what has moved us and motivated us during the year drawing to a close.

Denis Thibault

My thoughts go to the organizations that have helped make Profweb the success it is today. Whether achieved by putting a permanent link on their site or by promoting Profweb among their teachers in other ways, pertinent contributions and consultations to Profweb have enriched us immeasurably. A special thanks goes to Cégep Saint-Laurent and Cégep Saint-Jérôme whose activities year after year have not failed to impress. Thanks to Michel and Frank!

Norm Spatz

My most heartfelt moment this year was put in motion with a special tee-shirt. For Lyse’s birthday last spring, the members of the team had four ‘Profweb’ tee shirts printed. The Profweb logo is a graphic gem, and it was printed in white on a royal blue shirt. I took to the shirt like a duck to water. The Profweb tee-shirt became my fashion statement. This semester I have done several presentations where I wore my tee-shirt proudly. Be it cutting a fashionable swath at Cégep du Vieux Montreal, John Abbott College or even at the IT Partners’ meeting at Dawson College, I showed my colours and felt more than ever what a dynamic team Profweb has created.

Jonathan-Marc Lapointe

his year, I am particularly thankful for my stimulating job at Profweb which has allowed me to meet so many people from around the college network and to profit from their advice. I decided to finish my DEC getting academic credit for my work experience and finishing up my core courses at Cégep à distance. So, I find myself achieving one of life’s most important objectives thanks to Profweb’s clientele. I’d like to give a special thanks to all those who use Profweb’s personal space and to wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Patricia Guertin

Being a recent arrival to the team, my warmest memories focus on the members of the Profweb team. In learning the ropes, I have discovered a crew of passionate and devoted souls who soldier on with tireless effort! Each day for me has started with a challenge and ended with a lesson learned, but each morning I wake up looking forward to the day ahead. I feel like I have Profweb emblazoned on my soul.

Lyse Favreau

Few people know that Profweb is now based at Cégep Limoilou. After four nurturing years in the offices of MELS, we have moved into the real world of the cégep. My warmest regards go to Pierre, Paul-André, Gilles, Stéphane, Sylvain, Anne-Marie, Lise, Claude and Maxime who have each in their own way shown us a warm welcome. Our Limoilou-based story this week is the cherry on the sundae provided by Séverine. I truly feel in my element!

Françoise Marceau

I’m impressed by the maturity of the members of the Profweb team who have met all the challenges involved in adapting to our new context. The generosity of the network’s teachers, who have shared their experiences with us, has also left its mark on me. In sum, the ongoing efforts of everyone to give their all are my special Profweb memory!

Have you had a special Profweb moment this year?

Use the Reader Response section of Profweb to share your memories and your greetings! They make a most personalized gift for a close circle of friends.

The Profweb team wishes you a safe holiday season filled with love, pleasure, tenderness, peace and good health. We look forward to welcoming you back in the new year on January 11, 2010!

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