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Step 1. Learning Pros and Learning Data

To launch a lab about the security of learners’ data, Eductive gathered learning pros in a workshop assessing the importance of cybersecurity for their work.

We held a 1st workshop in French on May 12, 2021 (through Microsoft Teams).

During this 1st lab step, Eductive brought together learning pros (teachers, ped counsellors, etc.) and IT pros. During this workshop, we heard about a particularly difficult experience. Our guests, a ped counsellor from Cégep de Saint-Félicien and a cybersecurity expert who worked at Fédération des cégeps, both experienced firsthand what it means to cope with the aftermath of a successful cyberattack.

Following these testimonials, participants went through an exercise on risk assessment in information management (off-the-record in breakout rooms). This activity sparked a reflexive approach around our shared responsibilities towards learners’ data as well as other information used in learning.

Eventually, we wish to foster a cybersafe culture in Quebec’s college network.

Recordings from this French session are available, with closed captioning.

Recording, 1st Part

Vtélab: Les pros de l’apprentissage et la sécurité des données (première partie) [in French].

Recording, Plenary Session

Vtélab: Les pros de l’apprentissage et la sécurité des données (retour en plénière) [in French].

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