August 30, 2011

A New Beginning

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

The summer season has gone by as fast as usual. Once again, we find ourselves at the start of classes, not knowing where to turn! Take a well-deserved coffee break to read the first Profweb column of the year!

For this first publication of 2011-2012, Profweb wishes to present new teachers some highlights on its site. If you are already a faithful reader and avid user of the site, you can immediately proceed to our “New for Fall” section.

A Hearty Welcome to Our New Readers!

New teachers or new users, we welcome you to Profweb, “The Quebec College Crossroad for IT Integration.”  You’ve probably guessed that Profweb’s goal is to support you in integrating IT into professional practice. Indeed, during the next year, you can discover the many Profweb resources available to you as a result of the cooperation between several organizations and agencies whose logos appear at the bottom of this page. Without naming all the resources available in Profweb, here are some sections not to be missed:

1. Stories
What better way to learn and get ideas for using IT in a teaching or learning environment than reading accounts from teachers in our network? Peruse the many interesting IT experiments carried out by your colleagues.
2. Profweb Newsletter
The best way to stay informed about the latest news, activities and publications in Profweb is to subscribe to the newsletter. If you prefer your information through an RSS feed, consider adding one of Profweb’s to your list.
3. Web Space
Are you considering making your teaching more dynamic by adding a forum, a blog or a wiki to your course? Are you thinking about developing your own website? Our Web Space is for you! All members of the Quebec College Network can have an academic site hosted free of charge in the Web Space!

New for Fall

This fall, we want to continue providing outstanding IT resources. We continue to archive our videos in the World of Images. The videos in the Profweb album have been made available to the public thanks to this fantastic networking tool designed by the CCDMD which is the centre for educational materials development for colleges.Also of note, a new report will soon be appearing on our site. This will be a document on synchronous and asynchronous tools to foster collaboration between students. Don’t miss it in the “Reports” section this September!

World of images

In order to better serve you, Profweb is updating its Professional Development section. Not only will you be better informed about the timing of continuing education activities, but there will be more detailed information about their content. Watch for these new developments this fall!

There are still a few more surprises remaining in Profweb! To pique your interest, it will be possible to share your favorite resources and texts easily via email or your favorite social media!

Future Developments

Last winter, Profweb developed its Strategic Plan and is seeking to maintain and improve services. Practically, this action will result in the development of a portal giving direct integrated access to IT resources offered by Profweb and its partners. We will be building an easy-to-use portal that you can customize to your personal tastes. This environment would include more opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate and share with your colleagues on the use of IT. The portal will include more tools and features to meet your needs.

Obviously, much remains to be done before the portal goes online. In the coming months, we will be working to understand your needs in the context of an environment serving to make you aware of potentially useful resources from the associations and organizations that support the integration of IT in college.

The entire Profweb team wishes you a 2011-2012 filled with success. Remember that a member of the Profweb team is available to present our IT resources, including user tips for teachers in your school at a meeting or special activity such as a pedagogical day. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing your views in the comments section below!

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