October 23, 2007

E-conference U R on Line 2008 – Be a part of the excitement!

Do you want to find out what’s happening in information technology? Are you curious about how technology is transforming the way that teachers organize content and analyze process in learning activities as well as communicate results?

Would you like to interact with others about the principles behind your teaching activities or discuss teaching scenarios? Perhaps, a stint as a discussion leader or a pedagogical referee could be of interest? A reflection on the growing reach of IT in education or the relationship between motivation and technology might also be of value. Furthermore, the effect of information technology on student success is another topic that is front and center in the postsecondary teaching community.

How many times has the determination to participate in a discussion which goes to the heart of your teaching been undermined by the brutal realities of transportation and lodging as well as time constraints? There is an alternative! The e-conference U. R. on Line 2008 is a convenient solution to your problems.

On January 9 and 10, over 400 people will meet to debate and discuss topics of e-interest in the friendly and convivial atmosphere of cyberspace, in real-time on the web. For the second year in a row, the APOP symposium offers its participants from all over the e-learning spectrum a chance to exchange information on the results of their efforts to integrate IT into education.

E-conference U R on Line poster

Various activities will be presented in both English and in French during the two day long conference. More than 90 workshops in presentation, round-table, discusssion forum and informal discussion format will be offered. There will be an IT products and services showroom displaying the latest developments in the field as well.

All activities will be organized around the theme of “IT and success… they click.” The focus will be on what the contribution of information technology to postsecondary student success has become and could be. Can making IT an integral component in the development of learning objects contribute to student success? What are the winning conditions necessary to make IT click and produce results among the students in your courses? How can educators recconcile administrative activties, formal teaching, individual tutoring and student support with a computer saavy clientele?

There is so much to discuss in this highly interactive communication environmentbringing together all the tools necessary for sharing information in one virtual space.

The 5@7 APOP « Sortez votre vin! » cocktail party will be a time to remember. A carefree moment with an almost surrealist atmosphere where participants will be encouraged to share their U. R. on-Line adventures with other attendees. Participant feedback from last year’s symposium rated this event without doubt the most unusual and imaginative. Imagine yourself hosting a party with guests coming from Abidjan, Geneva, Lyons, London, Mexico City, Boston, Moncton, Sudbury and Vancouver!

After an activity-filled day and separated by thousands of miles, party-goers find themselves in front of their webcams with their signature APOP red hand-exercise ball in hand, toasting their colleagues who share their pedagogical passion.

Are you ready to explore the relationship between information technology and learning? on IT’s inroads into education and its impact on success? Join the ranks of those who can a be part of the debate in one click!

Whatever your point of view, don’t hesitate to communicate with us and become a part of the e-conference U. R. on Line 2008!

We invite you to click on the link below to get to know our telecommunication tool used by the symposium.

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