September 8, 2010

Five Fruitful Years of Collaboration

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

As we enter our 6th year, the Profweb Team would like to take this opportunity to highlight the wealth of innovative information technology data in our pages. We at Profweb once again thank those members of the Quebec College Network who have so generously shared their efforts with their colleagues across the province.

Profweb is bursting with new ideas, ingenious tools, teaching scenarios and wise counsel! The contributions of our IT Partners as well as our readers have resulted in more than 200 columns and stories (250 authors have written 238 columns, 212 stories and 20 reports published in Profweb), several thousand resources and more than a hundred continuing education activity listings. We look forward to working with you and building upon the admirable achievements of these first five years.

The Profweb Team through its first five years of existance. From left to right: Jonathan-Marc Lapointe, Lyse Favreau, Denis Thibault, Françoise Marceau, Patricia Guertin, Norm Spatz and Émilie Lavery. © Denis Chabot, World in Images, CCDMD

Educational technology overflows with versatility or varied contexts; our recently referenced exciting new external sites reflect this diversity.

Stay informed with ProfwebExpresso and our RSS Feed

By subscribing to Profweb’s francophone and anglophone weekly newsletters, you can be part of the vibrancy of the network and the important contribution of our two communities to collegiate pedagogy. The Profweb Team is working to make sure that you stay informed about breaking events in IT in our schools.

Don’t forget Profweb’s RSS feed3 which lets you stay abreast of new resources, scenarios and personal spaces as well as the breaking developments in columns, stories and reports.

Learn More about Profweb in a Presentation or by Video

Our fifth anniversary video is a great introduction to the Quebec College crossroad for IT integration and the people that are a part of it! The video, which can be downloaded from the World in Images site, is currently featured on Profweb’s home page.

Another great way to discover the services and resources of Profweb is to invite us to your school! A member of the team can participate in a promotional event or provide group training. Our site is full of services, and our mission is to make them better known! Our IT partners are working together with you and us to enrich our site!

Make your Online Innovation Count – Refer Your Site

Last spring, we introduced a new service that allows our readers to reference their external educational websites.4 These sites were not created on Profweb and can be hosted on any other server, such as one in a college. They are listed as external sites in our Personal Space Index . They are an important addition and will be integrated into Profweb’s collection of blogs, forums and wikis.

Icons representing resource types.The Personnal Space sites are classified this way to make viewing more effective.

A fine collection of resources produced by teachers for their classrooms or by pedagogical counselors for “their” teachers  adds to the pedagogical patrimony that we are building with you and for you!

Please suggest sites of interest for us to reference! Join us in exploring IT resource listings on DawsonITE, and discovering archaic forms of the French language.

We’re relying on readers of both linguistic communities to expand the range of sites listed so far. Send us your suggestions for sites to list!

We’re also always on the lookout for material for stories and columns. Please let us know about your own work or the work of your colleagues that would be of interest!

Have you had the opportunity to see Cinq ans de Profweb? This video is a treasure chest of IT practices. Let it inspire you!

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