October 9, 2019

Genially – A Tool for Creating Infographics and Animated Presentations

This text was initially published by Profweb under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence, before Eductive was launched.

This Digital Tool is a translation of a text first published in the French edition of Profweb.

Genially is a web-based tool, available in a free version, that allows you to create animated infographics, interactive presentations and even escape games.

Use this tool to present content to your students in a fun way. Or offer it to your students as a visual aid during their oral presentations. Genially offers a host of possibilities!

A Genially presentation showing you potential educational uses of Genially.

Genially presentations are integrated directly into this page of the Profweb site, but a Genially presentation can also be viewed in full screen mode directly from the site.

A presentation can be shared on social networks.

A Genially presentation can also be downloaded for offline viewing (only for paying subscribers).

Online, the presentation can take the shape of:

  • a standard slide show (click on the side of a page to change the page)
  • video (pages are linked together automatically)
  • a microsite (scroll up and down; the pages are linked one under the other)

How Does it Work?

The use of Genially is simple and intuitive. The interface is available in English and other languages, including French and Spanish.

You must first create an account or log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can use Genially for free or pay for access to additional features (additional templates, exclusive images and icons, etc.). Personally, I tested only the free version: it perfectly met my needs.

The easiest way is to start by selecting a template. A large number of professional-looking templates are available.

Selecting a template in Genially

A template can easily be customized (you can change colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.). Of course, you can also start from scratch.

You can animate each element of a page, with a lot of freedom.

Any element of a page can be made interactive.

How to Use Genially as Part of a Course?

With Genially, you can create static or animated infographics. You can also choose to make them interactive or not. These infographics offer a multitude of educational uses:

  • Use Genially to present content to your students.
    • In class, during a lecture, Genially becomes your visual support (it replaces the usual PowerPoint slide show).
    • In a flipped classroom, students view a Genially presentation at home to acquire notions. (Genially presentations can include YouTube or Vimeo videos, hyperlinks, etc.)
  • Get your students to use Genially to present content.
    • They submit a Genially presentation to replace or supplement a written report after a research assignment.
    • They use Genially as a support during an oral presentation in class.
    • They share a Genially presentation with their peers instead of an oral presentation.

Here are a few examples.

You can use an infographic to present your course plan.

Template of an interactive world map

Template of a timeline

Genially can also be used to create games.

Template for a game in which the player must correctly answer multiple-choice questions to obtain the 5 digits of a secret code

Do you feel inspired? Share your creations with us in the comments or tell us about your use of infographic tools!

About the author

Catherine Rhéaume

Catherine Rhéaume is an editor and writer for Eductive (previously Profweb) since 2013. She also teaches physics at Cégep Limoilou. Her work for Eductive fosters her interest for technopedagogy and encourages her to try innovative teaching practices.

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