June 4, 2018

Profweb’s 10 Most Consulted Publications for the Winter 2018 Session

Here is Profweb’s “bestseller” list of the publications in English and French that were consulted the most often during the 2018 winter session. It seems that  interactivity is a topic that interested readers of both editions.

In the English Edition

An open and free eBook created by a team of teachers from College Lasalle.

Readers of the English edition were interested in tools that support second language learning of oral and written communication skills. The pedagogical tools that were developed by teachers, such as a tool to avoid plagiarism or a free educational resource in physical education, also retained people’s attention.

  1. Action Research in Action (Tom Welham, Merici College)
  2. An Open Education Resource for Physical Education (Cindy Cook, LaSalle College)
  3. 10 Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker with College Students (Nicholas Walker, Ahuntsic College)
  4. Researching Best Presentation Practices and Sharing of PowerPoints (Ryan W. Moon, Profweb)
  5. Telepresence: Distance Learning with Students in Class (Susan MacNeil, Profweb)
  6. An Interactive Tool to Help Students Avoid Plagiarism (Andy Van Drom, Profweb)
  7. Mumble: An Alternative to the Language Lab (Susan MacNeil, Profweb and Kirsten Harris, O’Sullivan College)
  8. Finding the Right Recipe for My Spanish Class Presentations (Virginie Connan, Heritage College)
  9. 8 Online Grammar Checker Tools Sent Back from the Future (Nicholas Walker, Ahuntsic College)
  10. Using Twitter for Academic and Educational Purposes (Félix McMurray, Merici College)

In the French edition

During the 2018 winter session, readers from the French side showed an interest in articles that presented interactive approaches and tools, in particular tools to create interactive videos. The pedagogical use of smartphones also attracted readers’ attention.

  1.    12 façons pour les étudiants d’utiliser leur téléphone intelligent en classe (autrement que pour texter) (Susan MacNeil, Profweb)
  2.    Un outil interactif pour aider les étudiants à éviter le plagiat (Andy Van Drom, Profweb)
  3.    3 plateformes en ligne pour créer des contenus vidéo interactifs pour les étudiants (Andy Van Drom, Proweb)
  4.    Créer des notes de cours numériques pour faciliter l’apprentissage (Luc Tremblay, Merici College)
  5.    Edpuzzle pour enseigner à l’aide de vidéos interactives (Basile Tchize, Cégep de Saint-Laurent)
  6.    Découvrir et utiliser les outils sur le web pour la création de capsules d’animation pédagogiques – Retour sur un atelier organisé par le REFAD (Catherine Rhéaume, Profweb)
  7.    Plaisir et compétition amicale en classe avec Kahoot (Terri Connolly, Champlain College – St. Lawrence)
  8.    La pédagogie entrepreneuriale: une approche pour le développement de compétences transversales (Mélissa Philippe, PEEC)
  9.    Un cours de philosophie spécialement conçu pour les étudiants de Tremplin DEC (Rémi Robert, Cégep de Granby)
  10. La classe à l’envers pour apprendre à l’endroit – Survol d’un guide pratique(Catherine Rhéaume, Profweb)

Do not hesitate to consult our 10 top publications to wrap up the fall 2017 term.

We would like to warmly thank our 2017-2018 collaborators and congratulate them for sharing such inspiring stories. We can’t wait to discover what 2018-2019 has in store for us.

We hope you have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you again in August.

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