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Here is a brief recap of the articles that appeared at the end of the 2015 winter semester and an overview of some of the topics to be addressed during 2015-2016.

A few weeks ago, you were probably in the midst of an “end-of-semester sprint” as your students started to breathe again, having the stress of exams behind them. Here are some interesting articles you may have missed between the 2 large stacks of student exams you were marking:

Product placement (or not)

No, Profweb will not be opening an online store to sell coffee mugs in “Profweb blue” or “I’m the Boss” t-shirts. This year the Profweb team challenged itself to cover subjects in a timely way, with articles related to the teacher experience at that moment within a semester’s progression:

  • Course prep, program-based approach
  • Educational strategies, classroom management, planning
  • Professional development
  • Special projects (trips, extracurricular activities and internships)
  • Correction and assessment
  • New educational approaches

Do you have some ideas for articles or a Real Life Story to share? When do you most need inspiration, tips and tricks to make your job easier? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below, by e-mailing us, by phone or in person!

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Alex Enkerli
Alex Enkerli
25 August 2015 19h22

New educational approaches, eh? Any lead on this?
Sounds like there are some big trends across the educational landscape, with some having an impact on our network. Use of student data is a pretty interesting example, especially after privacy breaches and hacking scandals. Scary stuff.
Funnily enough, “Competency-Based Education” is becoming a major topic outside of Quebec. Maybe we could find a teacher or twenty to share expertise on CBE with outsiders?